Stay with Me A la nanita nana nanita ella, nanita

 Stay with Me
Jo’Nella Queen
A la nanita nana nanita ella, nanita ella
Mi niño tiene sueño bendito sea, bendito sea
Fuentecita que corre clara y sonora
Ruiseñor que en la selva
Cantando y llora
Calla mientras la cuna se balancea
A la nanita nana nanita ella
A la nanita nana nanita ella
Nanita ella
When I wake I find myself in a limbo
stuck between my past and future with you
Presently daydreaming
Longing lustfully for your presence
Promise me that
should we find each other again your touch would remind me
of my inner strength
I’d tell you only love is real and
that’s what I’m searching for
Prométame que si nosotros encontramos de forma accidental o intencionalmente
El toque tuyo me recordaba de mi fuerza interior
Yo debería decirte que
Solamente el amor es real
Y eso es lo que estoy buscando
You come from your western coast and colonize me
Caress my shore with your finger-tips
One-two-three step
You disrupt my stillness charmingly
the shadows of the leaves on trees cover your ship
and you press your body into hot sticky sand
in anticipation
The hot air that escapes your lipsa tropical breeze that
tickles my cheek
I want to give you my keys but I lay beside you
feeling suspended in time
I want You
But I’m paralyzed by memories that keep intruding
I’m good at avoiding the trauma
But your aura triggers the stress
And we continue to undress
And my heart is right here but my mind’s not
We are in the process of decolonizing our minds while our bodies remain bound to Empire
But I’m blissful; because in this moment if I let my mind forget this I can relish in the reality that in this
moment you’re mine
I am
Breathless; because there’s light in your eyes
Free but I cannot speak
I don’t know why, but I don’t think I can say no to you
Maybe if I trusted myself I would have told you that I fall easily
That I’d miss you when you leave
That I care deeply for you
That I need you to keep the cross-faded promise you made me with your I want you eyes
You are here with me
And the thought of you
is the only thing lately that makes me fall asleep instantly
Calms my anxieties
I do not want to apologize for saying too much sometimes
and not saying enough other times
But part of me is
I wish we had more time
Wish this was the right time
But a beach doesn’t always get to choose who will walk into her life
Dance her off her feet and
Make her want to wait
Prométame que a veces tu me ves en tus sueños, tu reina guerrera que viene a tu rescato
Promise me that
You see me in your dreams,
Your Warrior Queen
Coming to your rescue
But if for whatever reason you never will
Take these chains off my hips that draw me near you
Untie the ropes that bind our hands and fingertips together
And take back that first kiss of discovery
Because my heart holds too many broken treaties to bear another one