Public Statement August 3, 2016

Public Statement
Compañía Pesquera Camanchaca
As a complement to the material events of 2015 and information provided in the
most recent shareholders' meeting, Compañía Pesquera Camanchaca S.A. reported
today, as new material event, that it signed an agreement with the Iquique Port
Authority (Empresa Portuaria de Iquique or EPI) for use of the port area. The
agreement is effective as of October 11, 2016, the day after the current property
concession agreement expires.
The agreement allows Camanchaca to continue using the area where the fish
processing plant is currently located, inside the port of Iquique, lending continuity
to its fishing and industrial operations. This also provides stability for the sources of
direct employment, their suppliers and contractors, generated by the Company in
the Tarapacá Region.
However, the agreement stipulates that fish unloading and production of fish meal
and oil inside the port shall cease definitively on December 31, 2018, at the latest.
The Company shall then have four months to return the land where the plant sits.
The Company estimates that it will return approximately one third of the surface
area in the coming three or four months.
The agreement also stipulates that Camanchaca shall maintain port services and
operations, including use of the land necessary to operate its fishing fleet—e.g.,
victualling, maintenance, boarding and deboarding crew—under current EPI terms
and conditions. Should EPI request return of these spaces, it must provide advance
notice of three years.
Camanchaca is gathering the information legally required to obtain authorization to
relocate its industrial and fish unloading plant. The Company is analyzing alternate
locations that fit the available time frame.
Camanchaca stated that relocation of its plant will include important improvements
in environmental standards and an unwavering commitment to making a valuable,
sustainable contribution to the community as well as the development of the
Tarapacá Region.
Santiago, August 3, 2016.