El Futuro

El Futuro
There are two different ways to talk about things that happen in the future.
o Use “ir” to make a multi-part future that implies it is GOING TO happen
(will happen sooner).
o Use the future endings to describe something that WILL happen.
 Both are legit, but the future tense is a little more concrete and will
improve your vocabulary.
Just like any tense, the future depends on endings to say who is doing the action.
The difference is that with the future tense you DO NOT remove the ending first!
Hablaremos más tarde
¡Yo Recibiré un caballo por mi cumpleaños!
¿Adónde irás este fin de semana?
Excepciones: These verbs DO adjust their endings for the future.
Tener: tendr- (Tendré, tendrás…)
Poner (to put): pondrPoder (to be able to): podr-
Saber: SabrQuerer (to want/love): QuerrDecir (to say): Dir-