Installed Federal Council on Government

Installed Federal Council on Government
Caracas, 15 Ene. AVN.- Venezuelan vice-president Nicolas Maduro installed Tuesday the Federal
Council on Government, in Caracas, with the attendance of all regional governors from the country.
"This is the first extraordinary meeting of the Federal Council on Government in this new term in
office 2013-2019, which began last January 10," Maduro said to open the encounter, which was aired
in local television.
In the session, Aragua state governor Tarek El Aissami was appointed undersecretary of the body,
fencer Alejandra Benitez as spokesperson for sports and Rodolfo Porras spokesperson of
There were also appointed the members of working committees for the areas of public management,
transferring duties to people's power and evaluating budgets.
These committees are made by governors, mayors, members of Cabinet and People's Power leaders.
In addition, the Vice-president called on governors who attended the meeting to establish only one
plan to develop vital issues in each state.
"We have to have only one plan. These are vital areas for economic development, security, roads,
communes as a process to democratize the Venezuelan society, productive communes as process to
include people and overcome poverty," Maduro said.
Barinas state governor Adan Chavez was ratified as coordinator of the committee to transfer duties
to people's power, which has already worked in several projects.
Freddy Rodriguez, mayor of Plaza municipality in Miranda state, will act as secretary in this
committee, which will be also made by minister of Labor, Maria Cristina Iglesias; Communes' Isis
Ochoa; Indigenous People's Aloha Nunez; Women's Nancy Perez, and Higher Education's Yadira
It will be also made by the governors of Tachira, Trujillo, Cojedes and Yaracuy, Jose Vielma Mora,
Henri Rangel Silva, Erika Farias and Julio Leon Heredia respectively. Mayors will be Jorge Rodriguez,
Jose Alvarado, Joel Menereces and Americo Parra.
People's Power representatives will be Francisco Argote, Eleazar Lopez Silva and Mariela Salas
The Committee on planning territorial productive development will be headed by Vargas state
governor Jorge Luis Garcia Carneiro, having as secretary mayor Amalia Saenz, from Iribarren
municipality of Lara state.
It will also be made by ministers Juan Carlos Loyo (Agriculture and Lands), Carlos Osorio (Food),
Edmee Betancourt (Commerce) and Ricardo Menendez (Industries), as well as governors Francisco
Rangel Gomez (Bolivar), Lizeta Hernandez (Delta Amacuro), Henrique Capriles Radonski (Miranda)
and Yelitze Santaella (Monagas).
In turn, chief of the Capital District Government, Jacqueline Faria, will continue heading the
Committee on Public Administration.
This group will be made by governors Ramon Rodriguez Chacin (Guarico), Henry Falcon (Lara),
Francisco Ameliach (Carabobo) and Stella Lugo (Falcon).
They will be accompanied by mayors Gustavo Muniz (Piar municipality, Bolivar state), as secretary;
Omar Patino (Atures municipality, Amazonas state); Porfirio Fajardo (Miranda municipality, Guarico
state); and Franklin Guillen (Miranda municipality, Anzoategui state).
Ministers Isis Ochoa (Communes), Maryann Hanson (Education), Eugenia Sader (Health), Juan Garcia
Toussaint (Land Transport) and Ricardo Molina (Housing and Habitat) will also make this committee.
Aragua state governor Tarek El Aissami will chair the Committee on functional evaluation of
political-territorial entities.
Marisel Velasquez will act as secretary, accompanied by ministers Jorge Giordani (Planning and
Finances), Hector Navarro (Electricity), Rafael Ramirez (Petroleum and Mining), Nestor Reverol
(Interior and Justice) and Vice-president Nicolas Maduro.
On behalf of governors, it will be made by Ramon Carrizalez (Apure), Wilmar Castro Soteldo
(Portuguesa), Francisco Arias Cardenas (Zulia) and Luis Acuna (Sucre), while Leonardo Ruiz
(Pampanito, Trujillo), Ilcry Martinez (Ricaurte, Cojedes), Alexis Toledo (Vargas, Vargas) and Luis
Caldera (Mara, Zulia) on behalf of mayors.
Citizens Luis Bello, Gerardo Paz, Angel Nava and Eleazar Gomez were appointed as People's Power
Members of these committees will count on 30 days to submit a report with proposals in their
corresponding areas.
Guaranteeing peace
Alluding to events occurred last Friday in Tachira state, where armed and hooked people assaulted
the seat of government buildings, attacking about 30 women with firearms and other objects,
vice-president Nicolas Maduro emphasized that the National Executive guarantees peace and safety
in the country abiding by the Constitution and with people's support.
"We have been informed about desired violent acts and we will disclose this gradually. We call on
opposition leaders to condemn violence, the violent responsibly," said Maduro.
To governors, regional police chiefs, Interior minister and military chiefs, Maduro urged to "be very
careful in the face of provocations."
Meanwhile, he warned the Venezuelan population about plans to sabotage the country's electricity
system, adding that electricity failures occurred last weekend in Caracas are under investigation.
"As we have reported it, and it has been confirmed, that some groups want to foster violence, there
are some crazy and desperate groups trying to sabotage the electrical system."
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