Around $ 3,600 million invested in Line 2 of Los Teques Metro

Around $ 3,600 million invested in Line 2 of Los Teques
Caracas, 02 Dic. AVN.- The Bolivarian government has invested 3,600 million dollars in the
construction and suitability of Line 2 of metro system Los Teques, in central state of Miranda,
reported Sunday Land Transport Minister Haiman El Troudi.
During the opening ceremony of Independencia subway station of this mass transit network, El
Troudi explained that the Development Bank of Brazil and a French bank financed the building of the
infrastructure and equipment of the project system.
Independencia station is part of Line 2 of Los Teques Metro and is the second to be opened.
Line 2 comprises seven stations: Guaicaipuro (operational since December 2012), Independencia
(which opened Sunday), Los Cerritos, Carrizal, La Carbonera, Las Minas and San Antonio.
This system connects with the Caracas Metro system and makes it easy for passengers to go from
the city of Los Teques, in Miranda state to the capital city.
Los Teques Metro will extend throughout 40 kilometers once there have been finished construction
works of all lines in the system, expected for 2017.
Edge Technology
The minister added that this station is one of the most modern in Latin America because both end
use and its construction are equipped with the latest technologies, so he explained that the
excavation process does not obstruct traffic.
"We are not applying the traditional method, which was to bar the way to dig the cutting, build and
fill. We are, rather, applying mining method, which is to dig tunnels 40 meters deep and 300 meters
long where they station, the platform and the rails are located," he said.
He also said that the Independencia station has a glass dome, the only one of its kind in Venezuela,
which allows the entry of sunlight and ventilation, to save electricity by reducing the need for air
conditioning and artificial lighting.
Minister also explained that the station has escalators and aides that reach to the platform straight
from above ground to assistance to people with reduced mobility.
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