1 Announcement of ASOS12 International Colloquium on

Announcement of ASOS12
International Colloquium on Atomic Spectra and Oscillator Strengths for Astrophysical
and Laboratory Plasmas
DATE: 4-7/July/2016 for ASOS12 at IAG-USP + 8-9/July for School at ICTP, Sao
Place: IAG-USP for ASOS12, ICTP for School on spectroscopy
Site: http://www.iag.usp.br/astronomia/asos12/
The purpose of the ASOS meetings is to bring together producers and users of
atomic and molecular data. Atomic physicists who study the structure of atoms and
their radiative and collisional properties are invited to describe the latest progress of
their discipline, while astrophysicists and laboratory plasma physicists are invited to
review their present research and the context in which atomic data are needed. The
series of ASOS meetings was start by main institutions in the field, in particular by
NIST and Lund University.
Invited speakers include:
Sven Bernitt, Stuart Loch, Joseph Tan, James Lawler, Ruth Peterson, Gillian Nave,
Marie-Lise Dubernet, Verne Smith, Jorge Melendez, Elmar Trabert, Henrik Hartman,
Pascal Quinet, Anatoly Faenov, Claudio Lenz, Luis Marcassa, K. Seon, Ricardo Galvao, Bertrand Plez, Robert Kurucz, Paula Coelho, Lucimara Martins, Martin Asplund,
Claudio Mendoza, Grazyna Stasinska, Henrik Cederqvist, Li Wenxian, Daniel Savin,
Per Jonsson, Jorge Reyna Almandos.
Registration is open. For students there is possibility to ask for funds, and for local
students the registration fee is low.
For the SOC and LOC: Beatriz Barbuy, [email protected]