Manuel Alvarez-Guerra

Manuel Alvarez-Guerra
Assistant professor
Departamento de Ingenierías Química y Biomolecular
Universidad de Cantabria
Tel: (+34) 942 206 777, email: [email protected]
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Among the different alternatives that are being considered for climate change
mitigation, strategies for the conversion of carbon dioxide (CO2) into useful
products (i.e. the so-called “CO2 valorisation”) are receiving increasing attention.
Particularly, the CO2 electrochemical valorisation is especially interesting since it
can be an excellent future way to store intermittent and unpredictable electric
energy from renewable sources such as solar or wind energy.
The main aim of this line of research is the development and assessment of
innovative processes for the electrochemical conversion of CO2 into valuable
products. Currently, our research is mainly focussed on these two approaches:
a) Continuous processes for the electro-reduction of CO2 to obtain formate
b) Electrosynthesis of organic carbonates (e.g. dimethyl carbonate, DMC) using
CO2 as substrate and with the use of ionic liquids.
Keywords: carbon dioxide; electrochemical valorisation; formate; DMC; ionic
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Additional information
• PhD, Chemical and Process Engineering, University of Cantabria, Spain. 2010.
• Award (“Premio Extraordinario Fin de Carrera”) for the most outstanding student
in Chemical Engineering, University of Cantabria, academic year 2004-2005.
• Post-doctoral research stay in Dept. Chemical Engineering of Imperial College
London within “José Castillejo” Programme awarded by the Spanish Ministry of
Education. 2012
• Certificate of Proficiency in English (CPE). University of Cambridge. 2010.
• Founding member of AQUIQÁN (Association of Chemistry and Chemical
Engineering of Cantabria). 2013