Clara Casado-Coterillo

Clara Casado-Coterillo
Senior Researcher
Departamento de Ingenierías Química y
Universidad de Cantabria
Tel.: +34 942 206777, [email protected]
Research gate:
My research work focuses on membrane separation technologies, mainly on
the preparation and characterization of mixed matrix membrane materials for
the selective separation of CO2 from gas mixtures using highly permeable
polymers, novel zeolite and related nanoporous materials and room
temperature ionic liquids. The features of the membrane materials involved
have led to the development of new alkaline resistant ion-exchange
membranes for electrochemical devices.
Funding ID:
“New selective membrane materials for CO2 separation” (CTQ2012-31229,
MINECO), 01/01/2013 – 31/12/2016. PI: Clara Casado-Coterillo
“Production of electric power from fossil fuel with virtually zero air pollution”,
Eliot S. Gerber (U.S.A.), 15/05/2014-14/05/2015. PI: Clara Casado-Coterillo.
Scopus Author ID: 7006643353,
Additional information
Post-doctoral grants obtained in competitive calls:
Ramón y Cajal contract (MINECO) in the 2011 call, at the Universidad de Cantabria.
Mobility grant for young researchers of the Government of Aragón to go to the
Instituto de Tecnología Química of Valencia, June – September 2009.
Juan de la Cierva postdoctoral contract (MICINN), in the 2006 call, at the University
of Zaragoza.
Postdoctoral Fellowship for Young Researchers (Japan Society for the Promotion of
Science) FY2005, at the University of Hiroshima, Japan.
Member of scientific organizations: AQUIQÁN (ANQUE), RSEQ, EMS, SECAT