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Article 6 Innovative Measures
E.L.E.CAN.: una estrategia de trabajo en red para la creación de partenariados
territoriales y capital social.
GOBIERNO DE CANTABRIA - Consejería de Industria,
Trabajo y Desarrollo Tecnológico - Dirección General
de Trabajo
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The project ELECAN aims at setting up, evaluating and transferring a network strategy
for employment, local development and social economy in Cantabria. This region
constitutes a unique field for experimentation due to its specific characteristics and its
current situation (i.e. phasing-out region Objective 1, new competence for the regional
government in the field of employment since January 2002, …).
Two interrelated phases are planned, the first focusing on a detailed SWOT analysis of
the territory. The second will lead to the development of strong partnerships at local level.
Aims and objectives
• To design a new partnership strategy for employment in a territory with no previous
experience in this field, combining both local and regional levels and using
mechanisms for public, private and third sector’s agents to participate and share
• To create a technical network with staff from 20 Local Development Agencies, coordinated at regional level by the "Promotion and Development Unit".
To benefit from the characteristics and the current exceptional conditions that
Cantabria offers to test a unique experience in networking, employment creation in
new areas and promotion of the third sector.
Methodologies and activities
• The project will be based on the European Employment Strategy using the 4 pillars
as pathway to implement all the activities included in ELECAN.
• The methodology will be based on regional/local and local/local partnerships in order
to achieve a strong mainstreaming and multiplier effect throughout the whole territory
using a bottom-up approach.
• The first phase is divided into 3 axes setting the ground for a real networking
strategy and favouring the exchange of experience: (i) investigation and
employment; (ii) territorial analysis, and (iii) training and dissemination.
• The second phase aims at strengthening and enlarging the partnership and the
networking possibilities through (i) training and dissemination at the local level, (ii)
networking and social capital creation and (iii) local employment strategies
• New networking dynamics
• New competencies and qualification for the participants
• Annual Local Employment Programmes
• Creation of a territorial partnership based on trust and collaboration
• Networking methodology as the basis for the new Cantabrian Employment Service