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Nansulate® Energy Saving Coatings
Sustainability made simple
Sustainability made affordable
Nansulate® Coatings
Nansulate® Translucent Coatings:
Insulated the skylights of the new Frost Art Museum in Miami, FL
Nansulate® Translucent Coatings: Insulated
the exterior of the Soosung Apartments in Korea.
New solutions to increase energy efficiency in buildings
Industrial Nanotech, Inc., through the science of nanotechnology, has now provided an affordable retrofit solution to
increase energy efficiency in existing buildings as well as new construction. Patented Nansulate® Translucent Insulation
Coatings increase thermal resistance in a clear coating which is applied like a paint. These award-winning, low VOC
coatings not only insulate and reduce energy use, they are also moisture and mold resistant for a healthier building.
Nansulate® Energy Saving Coatings
New Technology - New Solutions for Sustainability
Nansulate® coatings are a
patented technology by Industrial
Nanotech, Inc. that utilize a
nanomaterial with an extremely low
thermal conductivity. This material
allows the coatings to effectively
inhibit heat transfer in a thin layer.
Nansulate® offers an
advancement to the traditional
concept of thermal insulation,
providing alternative solutions for
sustainability and environmentally
friendly energy efficiency.
A benefit of the translucent
coatings is the increase to the
thermal envelope of a building
without reducing square footage or
changing the look of the surface.
Additional benefits are mold and
moisture resistance, thus improving
overall air quality.
Because Nansulate® does not
rely on thickness as a function of its
insulating ability, compression does
not reduce its effectiveness.
Nansulate® provides a health benefit
by not harboring moisture, dust,
mold, or dirt, which are factors that
reduce traditional insulation’s
effectiveness over time and
decrease air quality.
Nansulate® Energy Protect
- Increases thermal resistance
- Excellent adhesion to a variety of
surfaces, such as wood, brick,
drywall, stucco, glass, concrete
- Resistant to mold and moisture
- Clear, matte finish does not change
the look of the underlying surface
- Cost effective, easily applied with
conventional equipment
- Can assist in earning LEED®
points for Energy & Atmosphere,
Indoor Environmental Quality, and
Sustainable Sites categories
- Non-toxic, water-based
- Low VOC (100 grams/Liter)
- Breathable
- Encapsulation of lead based paint
Chart shows one customer’s reduction of energy use in KWH after using
Nansulate® on the building envelope. Customer’s average reduction was 46%
To insulate building walls,
skylights/windows & ceilings
Nansulate® LDX
For abatement of lead in
Nansulate® Crystal
To insulate and resist mold growth
on sloped roofs.
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Nansulate® Energy Saving Coatings
Provide a custom solution with the newest
energy saving technology available
Nansulate® Energy Protect provides a flexible insulation solution for
commercial and public buildings. It can be applied on walls, ceilings, duct work
and other areas of the building envelope, while allowing the visual appeal of the
building to remain intact. Nansulate® Crystal provides a clear insulation
solution for sloped roofs of all types. Unlike traditional forms of insulation,
Nansulate® coatings will not get infiltrated by moisture, mold, dust, or pests and therefore maintains its insulating ability over time.
Building envelope insulation customers include:
✓ Bangkok Thailand International Airport
✓ Louisiana Consolidated Government Animal Shelter
✓ IMSS (Mexico’s Social Security and Health Administration)
✓ National Decorating Service
✓ U.S. Navy - Portsmouth Naval Shipyard
Nansulate® Energy Protect over windows and skylights allows in diffused
light, while insulating windows against heat transfer. Well designed daylighting
allows in natural light that balances overhead electric lighting needs while
curtailing glare. Nansulate® allows 92% visible light transmittance as tested on
pane glass, and provides the opportunity to daylight without sacrificing
building thermal performance. After coating, windows will have a ‘frosted’ look.
Skylight and window insulation customers include:
✓ City of Miami, Florida
✓ Cornwell Quality Tools
✓ Tampa Port Authority
✓ Frost Art Museum at Florida International University
Nansulate® coatings are naturally resistant to mold growth (without use of
moldicides) and therefore will benefit air quality in a building by reducing
potential for mold and mildew. There is also a version of Nansulate® - LDX,
which can be used for encapsulation of dangerous lead-based paint and lead
contamination. Nansulate® LDX is a clear, smooth lead encapsulation coating
which can be used over a variety of surfaces.
Environmental remediation customers include:
✓ US Navy, Pearl Harbor Naval Base
✓ US Navy, Norfolk Naval Shipyard
✓ American Red Cross
✓ Susan B. Anthony Voter’s Block Project
✓ Government of Brunei - Royal Residential Palace
✓ University of Wisconsin-Madison
Patented technology that powers affordable sustainability.
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Nansulate® Energy Saving Coatings
Affordable Option for Energy Efficiency
According to the U.S. Energy
Information Administration, HVAC
accounts for approximately 51% of
the estimated energy consumption
of U.S. Commercial Buildings.
nanomaterial with very low thermal
conductivity into a clear water-based
acrylic latex to provide a thin film
coating which can be painted onto a
variety of substrates to insulate
And according to the Australian
Government Department of Climate
Change and Energy Efficiency,
heating & cooling account for 54%
of Australian commercial building
energy share.
effectively and consistently. Building
envelope customers will typically
report energy savings of 20%-40% on
heating and cooling costs, depending
upon application.
No matter where in the world you
are, insulating is paramount to
reducing building energy consumption
and related greenhouse gas
Nansulate® offers an effective
solution for reduction of energy
consumption in buildings of all ages
and construction types.
According to the National Action Plan for Energy Efficiency, using 2003 EIA data, in the
For years we been trained to think
that you need thickness in order to
insulate. However just as cell phones
and computers have shrunk and yet
become more powerful over the years,
so has insulation.
Nansulate® is the newest form of
insulation. It incorporates a
U.S., the average annual energy intensity for office buildings is 79.8 kBtu per square foot
and the average cost is $1.65 per square foot.
$165,000 annual energy consumption for 100,000 SF building
$72,600 used for heating/cooling (using 44% of total)
$14,520/year energy savings with Nansulate® (using low 20% estimate)
$48,500 Approximate cost of product to insulate walls/ceiling of 1-story building
3.3 years payback (expected lifespan: 10+ years interior use, 5-10 years exterior)
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Nansulate® Energy Saving Coatings
Results from Standard Test Method for Steady-State Thermal
Performance of Building Assemblies - UNI EN ISO 8990:1999:
Thermal transmission through the wall section coated with
Nansulate® was reduced by 34.80%
Thermal resistance (1/U), measured in m2*k*w1, of the 8cm cement
wall section coated with Nansulate® was increased by 28.98%
Description: Two wall samples are tested according to test
standards for a variety of thermal measurements including thermal
transmission, thermal conductance and thermal resistance. Testing
was done by the accredited laboratory Istituto di Richerche E
Collaudi - a certifying body for the Italian Government.
(See data on page 6.)
Results from ASTM D 5590 & ASTM G21
Zero to minimal mold growth
Photo shows the uncoated wooden
control. Uncoated control is covered with
mold growth.
Photo shows a Nansulate® coated wooden
sample. The sample coated with Nansulate®
EMSL Analytical, Inc., one of the nation's leading testing laboratories, compared mold growth on wooden surfaces coated with
Nansulate® HomeProtect, Nansulate® Bee Protect, Nansulate® GP, Nansulate® LDX and Nansulate® Top Coat products to
surfaces with no coating. All were exposed to spore-producing bacteria, including Pencillium funiculosum, Aspergillus niger,
Aureobasidium pullulans, Chaetomium globosum, and Trichoderma virens. After four weeks, the Nansulate® coatings exhibited
zero or minimal mold growths, whereas the uncoated surfaces showed extreme to 100 percent mold coverage. The testing was
conducted by EMSL Analytical, Inc., an AIHA accredited laboratory.
Nansulate® Coatings have undergone toxicology testing and have been found safe for use
in homes, schools, food processing and other sensitive environments.
Some nanotechnology products have come under scrutiny due to potential health issues
posed by the use of nano-sized materials – particles smaller than one billionth of a meter.
However, that is where Industrial Nanotech’s particle design approach differs. Instead of
nano-sized particles, Nansulate® is made with larger micro-sized materials which use nanoscale internal architecture and
surface chemistry to allow Nansulate® to have properties that are unique. The coatings are non-toxic, water-based, and low
VOC (100 g/L).
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Nansulate® Energy Saving Coatings
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Nansulate® Energy Saving Coatings
Sustainable Building Case Study
Suvarnabhumi International Airport Bangkok, Thailand
When the new state of the art
international airport in Bangkok,
Thailand was being built, sustainability
was a huge part of the building plan.
The new Terminal Complex, in Nong
Ngu Hao, Samut Prakarn Province,
has a total floor area of 500,000m2
(5,381,955 SF), making it the largest
airport in the world. Contractor H.R.
Robertson supplied 11,530m2
(124,108 SF) of Robertson Wall Panels
in fluorocarbon painted aluminum and
steel, which were used as roof and
soffit claddings for the terminal
building's aerobridges, including the
double-decker aerobridges.
Nansulate® Translucent PT
insulation coating was chosen as an
innovative addition to the airport to
reduce energy consumption and
reduce condensation. It was coated
onto all the Robertson wall panels
to increase building energy
efficiency and sustainability.
Nansulate® PT also offered a low
VOC coating and resistance to mold
growth for improved air quality.
This project was chosen in 2009
by the Journal of Architectural
Coatings as a Top Green Global
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Nansulate® Energy Saving Coatings
Thermal Testing Case Study
A reduction of 15.1C /27.2F.
With further reduction expected after
the coating cures fully.
Thermal imaging photos were also
taken and clearly illustrate the
reduction of heat transfer provided by
the Nansulate® insulation coating
Industrial Nanotech’s Mexico
Distributor, Omnigenus® Energy, was
assisting a large manufacturing client
with an issue they were having with
heat transferring through a large sheet
metal wall that divides the main
mezzanine from an area that holds six
industrial ovens.
Further application is being completed
on two side walls and the ceiling.
The heat transfer was causing
uncomfortable working conditions.
Nansulate® Translucent PT was
applied at a 3-coat coverage to a 3x3
meter section of the wall to illustrate
the insulation performance.
Even before the coating was fully
cured measurements showed a
reduction of wall surface
temperature from 39.9C (103.8F) to
24.8C (76.6F).
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Nansulate® Energy Saving Coatings
Sustainable Building Case Study
Muller Trading Company
Excerpt from Masonry Edge
historical 1800's building, while also
keeping the unique brick look of the
building intact.
Located in the Main Street District of
downtown Libertyville, IL, this
sustainable design provides 13,800
square feet mixed use modern office
and retail space with an historic
Bleck and Bleck Architects were
tasked with using LEED guidelines to
increase the energy efficiency of a
Nansulate® Energy Protect was
applied to masonry walls to improve
thermal resistance, reduce energy
consumption, and provide UV and
moisture resistance.
"A challenge in reusing old
masonry buildings is dealing with the
energy envelope. Owners and
designers love the interior appearance
of the old, raw common brick walls.
The typical wall is three solid wythes
of brick thick, with no cavity for
insulation to be injected. Infiltration
can be addressed with various
coatings, but until recently nothing
could be done about thermal
Nanotechnology is a field that has
shown tremendous promise in the
area of materials science. The
nanoparticles can be suspended in a
low VOC medium and applied much
like a paint."
Nansulate® provided an
affordable way to increase energy
efficiency while keeping the visual
appeal of the historic building
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Indoor Environmental
Quality (IEQ) Credit 2.4:
Daylight and Views = 1 pt
Energy & Atmosphere (EA) Credit
1: Optimize Energy Efficiency
Performance = 1-18 pts
Sustainable Sites (SS)
Credit 2: Building
Exterior and Hardscape
Management Plan = 1 pt
Coat interior or exterior walls & ceilings with Nansulate® Energy Protect.
Coat water heaters, boilers, ductwork, piping with Nansulate®
Translucent PT.
Coat sloped roofs with Nansulate® Crystal.
The coatings offer an easy, affordable way to upgrade a building’s energy
efficiency by adding insulation in coating form to the walls, ceilings or roof of a
building, or to the water heating system and piping. ISO standard testing for
thermal performance of building assemblies shows that the coatings block
34.8% of thermal transmission, as tested on 8cm cement wall sections at a 3coat coverage. Customer field studies show a decrease of heating/cooling
costs between 20%-40% in a variety of climates, from Alaska to Florida.
Coat windows and skylights
with Nansulate® Energy
Protect. The coating allows
through visible light, while
reducing glare and UV and
increasing thermal resistance.
Coat exterior of building with
Nansulate® Energy Protect. The
coating is low VOC - 100 g/L,
minimizing impact on the
environment. It is also highly
resistant to moisture and growth of
mold, as well as UV rays, meaning
the exterior of the building is more
protected, and will have a longer
service life before any repainting
would be needed.
Nansulate® Energy Saving Coatings
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Nansulate® Energy Saving Coatings
NANSULATE® Energy Protect
Clear thermal insulation and mold resistant coating
FOR: Commercial building envelope
Clear, matte finish - smooth surface
Low VOC (100 g/litre) - water based
Product Attributes:
Thermal insulation, mold resistance, UV resistance
Material Applied to:
Drywall, pre-painted walls, ceilings, wood, plastic, glass,
cement, stucco, other building surfaces.
Clear lead encapsulation coating
FOR: Safe abatement of lead
Clear, matte finish - smooth surface
Low VOC (100 g/litre) - water based
Product Attributes:
Encapsulation of lead, mold resistance
Material Applied to:
Lead based paint and lead contaminated surfaces
Clear lead encapsulation coating
FOR: Sloped roofs
Clear, matte finish - smooth surface
Low VOC (100 g/litre) - water based
Product Attributes:
Thermal insulation, mold resistance, UV resistance
Material Applied to:
Sloped Roofs of all types
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