Senior PHP developer extraordinaire! Where`s this job located?

Senior PHP developer extraordinaire!
Where's this job located? Odense, Denmark
What is
We are a young, innovative and visionary digital company
specialising in the field of translation and learning. Our products include: - Our company name, which means “the dictionary”, refers to our flagship product, Denmark’s largest dictionary website, hosting over 60 different online dictionaries. - is our online tool for teaching Danish spelling and Danish, English,
German and French grammar to Danish school children (2nd-10th grade) and adult learners. - is our digital 'blackboard' for Folkeskole (primary school) teachers; via this portal, teachers
have access to thousands of pre-made learning exercises, spanning all subjects from the 1st-10th grade in
Denmark, inline with the national curriculum. Both Grammatip and Educas' exercises are assigned and
solved online, with new exercises being uploaded daily.
Inside our 4 walls, we're a big, awesome family. We have the innovation and flexibility of a start-up. We are over
20 nationalities speaking over 15 languages. We are pioneers in work/life balance. We believe in educating and
growing our employees. We are ever-growing and expanding. We want to conquer the world and be its foremost
language and translation tool. We are Ordbogen.
'deets on the job?
Amazing PHP developers are a dime a dozen. We are looking for YOU, the
needle in that haystack! Depending on your strengths, you will be either working on our web team developing our (Internationalisation of website or on our team working on (an
online grammar based learning program written in Danish, English, German and French). Requirements of the job
are: Professional coding experience for 4+ years, a degree in computer science or the like, great command of both
back and front-end, well-versed in Laravel/Lumen and AngularJS/JQuery/JavaScript and experience working in
agile development environments (Scrum & Kanban). We want someone who focuses on best practises, who is a
worshipper of OOP and who structures their code properly, consistently and uses modern PHP elements.
Who are you?
You've got that 'je ne sais quoi'- that sparkly personality that's hard to describe. You
have talent. You have drive to succeed. You love the company you work for. You are better everyday. You love to
be part of a team, a family. You are results orientated. You are quality conscious and results driven. You are
How to apply?
Apply to our Head of Talent Recruitment, Whitney Jørgensen at [email protected]
with a copy to [email protected].
Want some more info about us? Visit
Salary, pension & health?
Salary based on experience. Company Pension Plan (8% of
salary), best health benefits “top-up package” in Denmark (massage, physio, acupuncture, psychology,
chiropractic, “front of the line care” etc)