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GUION VIDEO actividad ingles

1.∫ Hi, good morning everybody!
∫ I´ m xavier , I was born in Vancover, the capital of state and I’m
twenty-three years old.
2.∫ Well, I’m goig to tell you something about my life.
∫ Are you ready? Let’s go!
3.∫ I’m the youngest son of my parents. I have a brother and a sister.
∫ She is the most beautiful of the family. She is unique girl in the family. Her name is
Julia and I also have a big brother called Eduardo that is taller than me. He is very serious
4.∫ So, I will tell that three Christmas ago, I cooked the family Christmas dinner and
was so funny, because when I prepared the gravy for the spaghetti, I put sugar and
not salt, so everyone ate it, without saying anything.
∫ Fine, It´s not funny, but for me it was jajaja.
∫ What would you have done?
5.∫ Well, this Christmas I going to travel to "Las Choapas, Ver" to see my mom and I asked my mom
How Can I get to the center?
∫ And she said "You are in the Bus Station, then you take a taxi to Hidalgo Statue, you
get off and across the San Francisco Avenue and It is the next to the mall”.
6.∫ My mom told me that there was a very famous artisan coffee and there were more
tropical pines tree.
∫ Her recommended that I relax on the travel because it would hurt my neck, feet and
7.∫ So, I would like this Christmas to be a time of reflection and new goals in my life,
because I dream so much and I want to do everything before dead. If I can do it, you
can do it too.