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Essay- Colombian Talent

Colombian Talent
"Never consider study as an obligation, but as the opportunity to penetrate the beautiful and
wonderful world of knowledge. “Albert Einstein, since I read this phrase for the first time it stuck
in my mind, because without even realizing for many years that idea has been an important part of
my life. I consider myself as a passionate, committed, goal-oriented and creative person, this
attitude toward life allowed me to achieve my goals also to aim for the best. My name is Maria
Camila Alvarez, I am an international business professional.
I believe that U.S. companies have a great opportunity to hire talent from other countries, since
these minds are constantly searching for knowledge and skills to be more competitive in the labor
world and can bring to your company fresh perspectives and truly innovative solutions. From my
experience, throughout my educational years I have not only received theoretical classes, but I
have also received practical teachings since education is a subject that must be taken in our own
hands, the teachers whom I can also call friends have planted in me the seed of curiosity, and the
total repulsion for conformism. Considering that my country is in the process of growth, and it
had some social and economic problems, this has made people like me always look for spaces to
discuss and find together solutions to the problems faced, I have also strived to have an
exceptional performance in the projects undertaken, for many, working hard is not enough
therefore it is necessary to look for tools and skills that differentiate us from the rest, and allow us
to reach the goal. It is this ability to adapt and resilience what makes a Colombian, who really want
to empower our career and lifestyle, decide to take risks, and go beyond expectations, which is
why we can be a key player in a company.
Historical events such as the pandemic and the development of new technologies, have allowed
companies to implement remote work, even hiring staff abroad which shows an economic
advantage for it, and beyond that allows them to obtain talents with extraordinary skills willing to
make their work team a safe and reliable space. Colombians are known for our ability to adapt to
new environments, and to work as a team, this empathy allows us to connect with people and see
across differences, we enjoy meeting new cultures as we know we can learn a lot from others. We
are also looking to create efficient work teams, where we expect the best from each member, and
most of all, we enjoy the process.
These capabilities to work in multicultural teams where we seek to carry out the tasks with
passion and in search of excellence, in addition to the highly qualified Colombian talent since it is
in constant growth, as we want to break paradigms related to our country and to exceed
expectations, make hiring Colombian talent a great advantage for the development of companies.