Subido por Andrea Tellez Vargas


I chose these people because they are a good example of life for me, because each one
of them have a particular aspect, which could be productive for me as person. And I want
to have a bit of them for having strong confront in the life.
Cristian Bermudez: Industrial electromechanical technologist.
Radamel Falcao: professional football player.
Bernardo Linares: Pensioned.
Cristian Bermudez is my boyfriend, he is 32 years old. He is a successful mechanic who
comes from a poor family and studied at Colegio Mayor de Cundinamarca where
he gained knowledge to help himself. He was able to study and get a degree, where
he was able to get a good job. Currently, he is a successful mechanic finishing his
engineering degree.
2. Radamel Falcao, 32 years old, is a professional soccer player who has had to go
through difficult situations, an injury that almost stopped his successful career. Being
the same good player again, it was a real challenge for him, but today, Falcao is an
excellent player. He has the same physique and continues to have a good
technique with the ball and the same thirst for goals.
3. Bernardo Linares is a neighbor, he is 76 years old years. He has been a welder all his
life. The was affected by the violence in Colombia. He had to leave his land and look
for a new one life in bogotá, without knowing any. He has had difficult moments, but
he is very strong and has a good life with a beautiful family.
Falcao gets up early to train, also Cristian and Bernardo. They think it's. It is very important to
get the best out of the day and be able to do all the activities in weather.
Cristian doesn't watch television and neither does Bernardo. They think it is better to use time
Cristian studies and Bernardo plays the guitar. Although Falcao thinks he is doing his best free
time. Then Falcao watches television. To obtain information about football and analyze their
rivals, they have taught me to manage the weather; I try to get the best out of them.