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It’s a review about the book Murder on the beach by Philip Drury that we must to
read in our English class.
Philip Drury is the book’s author. He was born in Irish (30-09-75).
Murder on the beach is a crime book. It tells Linda Stevenson’s adventures. Linda
moved from London to Cornwall. One morning, she was walking around the beach and
saw a dead women’s body. She ran to police station and explained to one police her
problem. One police man went to the beach but didn’t find anything.
The book explains how Linda and Mark (a boy that Linda met in Cornwall)
investigate and look for clues. In the book’s end they found the mystery of the
dead women’s body on the beach.
Mark and Linda length ways the book became very good friends but they seem like
they've falling in love. However it isn’t sure.
I admire Linda because I think that is very difficult to solve a crime, if I were
she, I couldn't solve this case. In my opinion she is a very intelligent girl and
she reads a lot (she knows a lot about detectives and crimes).
I think that was very painful for Linda to move to Cornwall. But Mark is very
important for her. Linda’s friend and he is one of the reasons which Linda wants
to stay in the city.
I really like this book. It’s easy to read because the language is easy to
understand. Also it’s fast to read because it’s very interesting.
What are you waiting for? Check it out! You will be impressed...