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Yesterday, I ate chinese food, and I am still full.
My mom bought pants for me, but I don’t really like them, I feel bad for it.
I like to watch movies, play videogames, and sleep all day.
After the night, he didn’t sleep
During our class, he was sleeping
When I was on my laptop, she was cooking
When he slept, I was playing videogames
When she called me, I was busy
If you do not come, I’ll be sad
He got mad, yet, he still loved her
They were hungry, but they didn’t wanna eat
I was sleeping, but I didn’t want to
Yeah, I was there
Mom, I’m late!
Dad, can you buy me a pizza?
Later, if I’m still here.
We, early or not, are gonna be there
My sister, the annoying one, spoke to me
I remember his dad being bald, skinny, and calm
I am skinny, pale, and quiet
Yesterday was a sad, dark day
My mom said, “You can go with John”
My teacher said, “You’re a bad student”
He asked, “Was it my mistake?
You love me, don’t you?
You’re going, aren’t you?
You liked it, do you want it?
I like him, but not you
John ate the cookies, not me
I’m innocent, but he isn’t
On December 7th, 2002, I was born
We started dating on July 5th, of 1990
She started studying on January 10th, 2000