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Web Enseriados: Costumers’ Behavior Analysis and the Narratives in Digital
Ana Lucía Sampayo Ávila | [email protected] Daniela Botero Zapata |
[email protected] Diana Melina Serna Vélez | [email protected] María
Camila Giraldo Pereira | [email protected] Valentina Gaviria Villa |
[email protected]
Summary: This paper aims to analyze on how audiovisual web series distributed
exclusively via Internet affect undergraduate target audiences majoring in
communication studies and related fields in the city of Medellín.
Within this scope, we are basing the study on the interest of the audience that seek
to understand and relate to physical and virtual environments. In the same way, the
web series become the subject matter to the extent where they are classified as
fictional universes in which the audience feels identified, taken to another reality
where they perceive multiple identities that they use to mold their behaviors.
Taking all this into account, this paper goes in depth into how significantly web series
transform the audience’s way of looking for entertainment. It also goes in depth into
the narrative, the language and the referential structure. All this to be able to
understand the close relationship between web series and spectators.
Key Words: Web series, interaction, cosmopolites, insights, sociocultural factors,
fiction, identified.