this program

¨Yo soy¨ is a reality show, this program is broadcast on Latina, it is about people who are going to imitate singers, the
imitation consists of the physical appearance and the sound of his voice, there are many people who are going to do
the castings to enter the program.
The first season of ¨yo soy¨ was in the year 2012, from that year to the present time it has been reproduced, it has
10 years in the tv of peru.
Each program of ¨yo soy¨ has a duration of two hours, at the beginning are always the casting to select the
participants and then begin the concerts, in this part is when the participants perform a live concert.
This program is very popular in Peru because it has presenters and jurors who are fun and because they have
participants who sing very well and the voice is very similar to that of the artist they are imitating.
I like to watch ¨yo soy¨ because besides being a fun program, it helps and offers the opportunity to several people
from children to adults to demonstrate their talent, the jurors of the program are artists who help to improve the
presentation of the imitators.
The host of the program is Cristhian Rivero, the jurors are Ricardo Moran, Maricarmen Marin and Katia Palma.
Sometimes they invite singers to help the participants. this year ¨yo soy¨ had its 30th season and the winner was
Mike Bravo who imitated Marilyn Manson.