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Book Report - Norend Collado Peña

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English E08
E08 A
Collado Peña Norend Monserrat
“Book Report”
Villahermosa, Tabasco. Monday, September 13th 2021.
Book written by Diana Wynne Jones
This report is based in a fantasy novel by the British author Diana Wynne Jones
called Howl’s Moving Castle, currently with a minimum price of $17. It was first
published in 1986 by Greenwillow Books of New York. Howl’s Moving Castle
explores a number of common themes in literature. These include fate, youth,
courage and love.
She began writing in the 1960s, as the eldest daughter looking after her younger
siblings, she says it was to maintain her sanity that she started doing it. I sincerely
feel that she visualized her main character, called Sophie, as she was, brave, loving
and above all very joyful. Mostly in the similarity that they both have the same amount
of siblings.
It's a story that sends your imagination soaring because of all the characters that
begin to shine the moment they meet Sophie. Of course, we can not forget the
second main character Howl, who in a way is the opposite of Sophie but together
they have an incredible connection; one that youngsters will undoubtedly love.
Without a doubt the novel is fascinating and very well written, it is definitely one of
my favourite books and my favourite character is Howl for sure; the character that
when he learned about friendship, love, adventure and above all that beauty is not
everything, he changed to the point of making the right decisions in order to live a
full life and many more adventures alongside Sophie, Calcifer, Marco, Prince Justin
and the Witch of the Wasteland who at the beginning was the bad guy of the story.
It can even be considered very emotional due to the moments in certain parts of the
book, harbouring many feelings that make you reflect on life.