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07 October

07 October
1. Write the following numbers in letters.
28: twenty-eight
3: three
15: fifteen
71: seventy-one
20: twenty
6: six
22: twenty-two
73: seventy-three
200: two hundred
45: forty-five
12: twelve
88: eighty-eight
90: ninety
33: thirty-three
54: fifty-four
153: one hundred fifty-three
82: eighty-two
2. Unscramble the days of the week and write the name of each day of the
difyra: Friday
wndyeadse: Wednesday
tysadaru: Saturday
ndymao: Monday
useytad: Tuesday
dnsyua: Sunday
rushtyad: Thursday
3. Read each clue. Write the answer.
1. First month of the year: January
2. Last month of the year: December
3. Month after June: July
4. Month before September: August
5. Month between May and July: June
6. Second month of the year: February
7. Tenth month of the year: October
8. Third month of the year: March
9. Month between March and May: April
10. Fifth month of the year: May
11. Month before October: September
12. Month before December: November
4. Read the descriptions and write the right season next to them.
a) It’s cold. The trees change their colour and you can see leaves everywhere:
b) It’s warm. You can hear the birds are singing and the trees begin to blossom.
c) It’s very cold and snowy. You make snowmen and play with snowballs. Winter
d) It’s hot and sunny. You go to the beach and play in the water. Summer
5. Read the text and answer the questions.
6. Put a pronoun from the words below after the words and expressions.
a) You and Becky _____
b) Jamie and I _____
c) Gemma and Dave _____
d) The books _____
e) The table _____
f) Tom _____
g) The girl _____
h) My mother _____
i) The man _____
j) Your telephone _____
k) You and I _____
l) Your Friends and you _____
Affirmative form
7. Complete the sentences with the verb “to be” in affirmative.
a) She __________ a student.
b) We __________ teachers.
c) It __________ a cat.
d) They __________ dogs.
e) Lucy __________ a pupil.
f) John _________ a boy.
g) I __________ portuguese.
h) Tom and Peter __________ friends.
i) You __________ a girl.
j) The book __________ red.
8. Write two sentences with the verb “to be” in affirmative form.
Negative form
9. Complete the gaps with the negative form of the verb “to be”.
a) This book __________ mine.
b) Jane and Peter __________ married.
c) That __________ right.
d) My brother __________ here at the moment.
e) We __________ in England.
f) It __________ Monday today.
g) Jennie’s surname __________ Peters.
h) I __________ a hairdresser.
i) My name __________ Alexander.
j) There __________ many people in this class.
10. Write two sentences with the verb “to be” in negative form.
11. Write complete sentences with am, are, aren’t or isn’t.
a) You/Spanish (+)
b) He/English (+)
c) We/12 yearsold (-)
d) You/ from Barcelona (-)
e) I/good at music (+)
f) Myeyes/Brown (+)
g) Myhair/black (-)
Interrogative form
12. Complete the questions with the verb “to be”.
you tall? No,
the dog black? Yes,
I strong? Yes,
the food good? No,
they good? No,
you in school? Yes,
the water cold? No,
the floor clean? Yes,
Antonio American? Yes,
he lazy? Yes,
13. Write questions as in the example.
You/a good student: Are you a good student?
a) Robbie Williams/ your favourite singer?
b) We/ from United Kingdom?
c) She/twenty?
d) Your friends/good at English?
e) Messi/ your favourite footballer?
f) The dogs/ under the table?
g) The cat/ in the garden?
14. Write sentences in affirmative, negative and interrogative forms using the
following information:
The table/green