Subido por Frida Viviana Yarleque Saldarriaga


A: Allow me to introduce yourself. I’m Frida Yarleque from Talara office
B: Where did you learn the wai*? You’re Peruvian, aren’t you?
A: Yes, I am. But I have a friend in Peru from Thailand.
B: Well, Sawatdee-Khrab. Nice to meet you. Ms Yarleque. I’m Tamara Chávez.
A: No need to be so normal. Please call me Friday.
B: And please call me Tamy.
A: Ok Tamy, do you mind my asking you a question about that, though?
B: Not at all.
A: Is it customary in Thailand for people to be on first-name basis?
B: Well, at company meetings in English, always. In other situations, though, people tend to be
a little more formal. It’s probably best to watch what others do. You know what they say: “When
in Rome…”
A: Mm-hmmm…, do as the Romans do!
Guest: I need to see a dentist as soon as possible. I think it’s an emergency. I was wondering if
you might be able to recommend who speaks English.
Clerk: Let me check. Actually, there is one not far from here. Would you like me to make an
appointment for you?
Guest: If you could. Thanks. I’m in a lot of pain.
Dentist: So I hear you’re from overseas.
Patient: From Peru. Thanks for fitting me in.
Dentist: Luckily, I had a cancellation. So what brings you in today?
Patient: Well, this tooth is killing me.
Dentist: When did it first begin to hurt?
Patient: It’s been bothering me since last night.
Dentist: Let’s have a look. Open wide.
Patient: Ah…
Dentist: Well, let’s take an X-ray and see what’s going on.
Manager: What can I do for you today, Ms Yarleque?
Customer 1: I need to have these documents copied a.s.a.p. Do you think you could make 300
copies by 11:00?
Manager: I’m afraid that might be difficult. I’ve got a lot orders to complete this morning.
Customer 1: Sorry. I know this is last minute. But it’s really urgent.
Manager: Well, you’re a good customer. I’ll get someone to take care of it right now.
Customer 1: Thanks a million. You’re a lifesaver!
Manager: Excuse me… Hello. Hoppy Copy.
Customer 2: Hi Miss Tinoco. Tamara Chavez here.
Manager: Hi, Ms Yarleque. How can I help you today?
Customer 2: Well, I’m going through my to-do list, and I just realized I need to have fifty 30page sales binders made up for our meeting next week. Any chance I could have them first
thing tomorrow morning?
Manager: Tomorrow morning? No sweat. Can you bring the documents in before noon?
Customer 2: Absolutely. I owe you one, Miss Tinoco.
Manager: Sorry to keep you waiting, Ms Yarleque.
Customer 1: Well, I see you´ve got a lot on your plate today. I won’t keep you any longer.
Manager: Don’t worry, Ms Yarleque. Your order will be ready on time.
Customer 1: Should I give you a call later?
Manager: No need for that. Come in at 11:00, and I’ll have your documents ready.
Customer 1: Thanks, Miss Tinoco.
A: Do you think I could borrow your car this afternoon? Mine’s at the repair shop, and I need
to pick up my mom at the airport.
B: Tamara, I’m sorry, but I’m going to need it. I have a doctor’s appointment.
A: No problem/ I understand/ No worries/ Don’t worry about it. I’ll think of something.
B: Hey, I have an idea. Maybe you could get Talia to lend you her car.
A: Good idea. I’ll go ask him.
A: Could you have this jacket dry-cleaned by tomorrow?
B: Tomorrow? That might be difficult.
A: I’m sorry, but it’s pretty urgent. My friend is getting married this weekend.
B: Well, I’ll see what I can do. But it won’t be ready until after 4:00.
A: I really appreciate it. Thanks!
UNIT 04:
Frida: Hey, Andrea! I’ve never run into you here before.
Andrea: Frida! Good to see you. Looking for anything special?
Frida: No, I’m just browsing. How about you?
Andrea: I’m just picking up some gardening maganizes for my mom. She can’t get enough of
them…. So, anything interesting?
Frida: This one doesn’t look bad. It’s a biography of Helen Keller. What about you? Are you
reading anything good these days?
Andrea: Well, I’ve got a new mystery on my night table, but I can’t seem to get into it. I guess
mysteries just aren’t my thing.
Frida: I know what you mean. They put me to sleep.
Andrea: Well, you’re big reader. I wonder if you could recommend something for me.
Frida: Have you read the new John Grisham thriller?
Andrea: No, I haven’t. I didn’t know he had a new book out.
Frida: Well, I can’t put it down. It’s a real page-turner.
Andrea: Thanks for the tip! Do you think I could borrow it when you’re done with it?
Frida: Of course. If you can wait till the end of the week, I’d be happy to lend it to you.
A: Have you read anything interesting lately?
B: Actually, I’m reading a thriller called Don’t close your eyes.
A: I’ve never heard of that one. Is it any good?
B: Oh, I think it’s a great book. And it’s a cliff-hanger. I highly recommend it.