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L -Hi Raysha, Saturday is Carla's birthday and we need your help
because we don't know how to celebrate it.
R -Hello Luz, of course
L- Do you know what place she would like to celebrate her
R- She would like the field
L- What type of music do you like?
R- She likes POP and ROCK but hates RAP
L- What's your favorite restaurant?
R- His favorite restaurant is "DARCHU - RETAURANT"
L- And what is your favorite food?
R- She loves vegetables and fruits but does not like any type of
L- Does she like sweets?
R- Yes, she loves them, her favorite is the lollipops
L- And your favorite drink?
R- His favorite drink is soda
L- Okay, I take that into account. Do you think he likes a bike?
R- Yes, she likes it, she told me that she has it, she's old
L- Do you know if his family will be here this weekend?
R- No, because his parents went on a trip.
L- How sad, we will make you spend an incredible birthday so that
you feel happy.
R- Yes, I agree with you, it will be the best party of the year.
L- Okay, Raysha thank you very much for helping me.
R- You're welcome, we'll be in touch. Bye