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La Globalización

Globalization, as a term, describes the growing trend towards globally integrated and interconnected
international markets. Engineering plays an important role in globalization, since it’s the main responsible
for advances in technology such as the internet, that allows people to communicate more efficiently with
people around the world, achieving a global view of business for everyone involved.
With this phenomenon growing each day, it’s the engineer’s job to keep and improve the conditions that
allow globalization, by having an innovative mind to create new ways to connect people and business
around the globe.
Globalization and Engineering
Recent changes in educational and professional systems, as well as in the current macroeconomic context,
highlight the needs of better engineering qualifications that satisfies the demands and requirements of
the labor market.
Globalization creates opportunities for information sharing, allowing professionals to increase their skills
to fulfill their jobs not only in their countries, but also around the globe. Globalization also allows
engineering to revolutionize in other fields, contributing value to society.
The current trend for most engineering careers around the world is the reduction of study years and the
increase of applied orientation.
Competitive Advantage
If we want to have an advantage in this globalized environment, and even more in engineering related
areas, we must meet two basic requirements: Be in constant learning and apply knowledge.
Considering this, an engineer must have knowledge on Laboral conditions, supply and demand, related
sectors, business strategy, technical training and company rivalry.
Economic Globalization and Trading
Economic globalization is the interdependence of the economies of different countries, allowing a larger
scale of trading of goods and services, more investments and the use of various technologies.
World’s economic trend is a globalized exchange of various sectors, such as cultural and social; making
use of the increasing expansion of telecommunication technologies. This expansion is increasing in speed
day by day, allowing more business to rely on newer methods of business engagement and connection.
Economic globalization brings together national and foreign investors, allowing to expand business and
demand new quality standards. In consequence, people around the world can obtain a better quality of
Engineering and globalization has contributed to achieve a better quality of life for the world, our country,
regions and every populated area. Every decision made in the globalization context touches the lives of
people around the world, highlighting the role of the engineers as professionals that can impact the
economy and bring development for the society.
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