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Exercise # 1 Reading Comprehension and sentences.

Colegio Santiago de León de Caracas
Inscrito en el MPPE Código S0338D1507
English Coordination
School Year 2020 – 2021
Teacher: Mrs. Amarelys Hernández
Exercise # -1 Reading Comprehension and Sentences.
Part I.- Write the main idea of the text ”The Planets of the Solar System ”
Part II.- Answer the questions according to the information given in the text ”The Planets of the Solar System ”.
1.- Which is the brightest planet in our Solar System?
tehe brighest planet is the sun
2.- Is the Earth a dwarf planet?
the planet its not a dwart
3.- Why is Mars called the Red Planet?
Mars called red planet because the color of the planet is red
4.- How long does Neptune take to travel around the Sun?
Neptune takes about 16 hours
5.- How many moons does Uranus have?
Urano has 27 moons
Part III.- Write sentences using the words given below (Spelling List # 2).
1.- star (n): the stars are really shining
2.- planet (n): the planet are really big
3.- satellite (n): the satellite it looks like a big computer
4.- dwarf (n): pluton i dwarf
5.- radar (n):the sun has a big radar
6.- rocky (adj): the moon is really rocky
7.- spotted (adj): tehe sun spoted in the space
8.- rust (n): the trash is really rusty
9.- circle (v): the planetts are circles
10.- goddess (n): the goddess are more bigger then a planet