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Ejercicio de Routines - reading comprehension (1) (1)(1)

Reading:Read the following text about the daily lif e of a Mayan family in Mexico. Answer the questions
ello, my name is Jimena, 1am 11years old
and 1want to introduce you my family. We
are Mayans from Mexico, we live in a town
called Saltillo. Our town is in the north of MeJdco,
near the USA. We speak Spanisb and also a bit of
1live in an apartment in a calm area of Saltillo. 1live witb my mum, my auntie and my cousin. Our fathers don't
live with us anymore, but we see them many weekends.
My motber's name is Juana, she is 40 years old. She works in the sugar factory of Saltillo. I don 't like her job
because she has to get up very early in the morning, at 5 o'clock and we cannot have breakfast together.
However, she finishes work at half past four in tbe afternoon, so we spend time together after 1finisb school.
My auntie is called Manuela, she is my mum's sister.Manuela is younger, sbe is 34 years old. My aunt works in
a farm, sbe likes her job because sbe loves animals. Sbe takes care of the bens and cbickens.She starts working
at 10 o'clock, which is good because she can be with me :and my cousin before we go to school. Unfortunately,
she arrives borne quite late in the evening, usually at quarter to eight.
My cousin is 8years old and her name is Mariana. 1like living with my cousin, we have fun playing together
after doing the bomework in the evenings.We go to the same school, Santa Isabel Primary Scbool;but we are
in different grades. 1am in 5th grade and she is in 3rd grade.
Every morning we get up at quarter past seven and bave breakfast at balf past seven with my auntie Manuela.
She walks us to school at quarter past eight because we start school at half past eight. In the afternoon , my
mum picks us up from school; we finisb lessons at S o'clock. In the evening, we wait for my auntie to come from
work and then we have dinner altogether around 8.
After dinner, my cousin and 1watch some 1Vand then we go to bed at 10 o'clock. 1love sleeping!
6. Complete the table with information from the text. Write "no info" if it isn't in the text.
Family member
Get up time
Work place
Start work time