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Eneyda house 1

My comfortable house
Houses are buildings that functions as a home. It is a building structure. There are
big and small houses. we use them to live with our family. When we finish our career,
we think in buying a house by becoming independent us.
I live in a small town called El carmen, in a little green house with my husband and
my baby, my house has two bedrooms I use one where I sleep with my family. it is
full of things such as three brown chests of drawers, there is a window with white
curtains, there is a desk and on it there is my computer, some books, in the corner,
there is my big comfortable bed with pillows. There is a lamp, there are some stuffs
like a picture, and another bedroom it is used like cellar.
we have a living room with two big windows. They have so cute curtains where we
also have a brown sofa that is very cozy and a small tv.
There is a bathroom with a white toilet, there is a small kitchen. In the kitchen we
have a dining table where we eat our meals, balls pans, dishes, tool kitchen, there
is a big fridge, and a stove too. Everything is organized in the kitchen; I like that every
corner of my house is clean. I have taught my son to pick it up after playing with his
toys. There is a hallway. that little building is well furnished and well decorated. The
walls of my house are white.
Because my house is small it does not fit more things. I can't buy new furniture
because I have nowhere to put them. My favorite place of the house is my bedroom
because there is a very quiet rest.
I feel safe, comfortable and relaxed in my house. My house is the most important
place in my life.