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PauSeguraSerres USAGovernment Assigment4

As United States citizens, our duty should be to guarantee the union and
power of the country. That's why you have to support the federalist side.
The constitution is the key to guaranties our rights and solves the
problems that we had until now. With a strong constitution, we ensure
fair trade between states, make tax collection much simpler, and
guarantee the security of the country.
The only way for the constitution to work is with a centralized
government that enforces the most important laws in all states, and not
with many different states with different governments. A national bank
and a strong national army are indispensable. Even so, states will retain
much of their state laws.
A large republic will ensure much better individual liberty that a lot of
separated ones. It would promote the common good and provide the
country with a strong government that the articles of the confederation
didn't give.
The national laws will also help big farmers and merchants because,
without excessive taxes between states, they will have more facilities to
trade with them.
This strong constitution doesn't need any bill of rights, because United
States citizens still have the powers not given to the federal government,
and you preserve all your rights.