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Amended- EOI document

1.0 Introduction:
Maharatna ONGC is the largest producer of crude oil and natural gas in India, contributing
around 70 per cent of Indian domestic production. ONGC is India’s Top Energy Company
and ranks 11th among global energy majors (Platts). Ranks 14th in ‘Oil and Gas operations’
and 220th overall in Forbes Global 2000. Acclaimed for its Corporate Governance
practices, Transparency International has ranked ONGC 26th among the biggest publicly
traded global giants.
2.0 Objective:
ONGC Western Offshore basin has three Assets, Mumbai High, Neelam & Heera, and
Bassein & Satellite with base offices of Assets, Basins and Services located at Mumbai. The
entire western offshore has more than 47 process/ Living Quarter Platforms and 205 Well
head oil & gas platforms installed over a period of 40 years since 1976 onwards. Offshore
fields of various Assets are developed by ONGC is various stages by installation of new
wellhead platforms and associated for the monetization of oil and gas reserves.
ONGC is now planning for empanelment of agencies for the execution of Wellhead
Platforms (WHP) and associated submarine pipeline projects in western offshore, under
different upcoming field development schemes of various Assets on fast track basis.
The intent of the instant EOI is to encourage wider participation of prospective bidders.
The interested agencies are, therefore, enjoined upon to provide feedback to ONGC on
empanelment of agencies for these kind of projects. This shall provide clarity on the subject
and mitigate risk and uncertainties involved in execution of these projects. ONGC will
attempt to integrate the feedbacks and suggestions, to the extent possible and create a
tender document for empanelment which would be acceptable to the prospective bidders
to a large extent.
Further, at present the contracts for Pipeline replacement Project by ONGC are awarded
on lumpsum turnkey basis which has no itemised rates available so as to quickly assess the
cost implication of the new requirement. As a result subsequent award gets delayed
thereby adversely affecting the operations.
In order to overcome this handicap, it is being proposed to change the price schedule so
that item/ activity wise rates for pipeline segment of various sizes are available in the
Contract which will help to meet the urgent requirements in shortest possible time.
The intent of EOI is to obtain feedback from the interested agencies regarding execution
methodology for efficient execution of pipeline replacement project.
3.0 Invitation to EOI:
ED-HOW, Offshore Engineering Services, ONGC Mumbai invites Expression of
Interest (EOI) from prospective bidders for
Empanelment of firms for execution of well head platforms and associated
submarine pipelines in western offshore fields.
Feedback on the proposed execution methodology for the upcoming
Pipeline Replacement Project - PRP VI.
EOI meet shall be held on Monday 6th August, 2018 from 1430 hr, at the 4th floor
Conference Hall, ONGC 11 high Building, Bandra-Sion Link Road, Mumbai 400017.
Details of EOI are available for viewing and downloading from the web site:
4.1 Well Head Platform and associated Pipeline Project
Scope of Work
The well head projects typically consists of the following;
Top Side Facilities
i. A barrier wall with passive fire protection between well head area and process
ii. 30” conductors shall be driven to the depth of 70 meters below sea bed in all
iii. Production header & Test header
iv. Two Phase Test separator with water cut meter for measurement of Oil, gas &
v. Launchers/ Receivers, as applicable.
vi. Gas lift manifold if applicable.
vii. OCI injection skids if applicable
viii. Injection water manifold with metering system if applicable.
ix. Hydro-pneumatic/ PLC based shut down panel with ESD and FSD System.
x. Instrument & utility gas system using both lift gas and pipe separator gas
(Associated gas)
xi. Vent system consisting of Vent/ relief header, vent boom, glycol seal pot, etc.
xii. Drain system consisting of crude condensate vessel with pressure lift transfer
facility, open deck drain (ODD), open hydrocarbons drain (OHD) and closed
drain (CD) system, etc.
xiii. Deck crane (Dynamic Capacity-15 ton minimum).
xiv. Diesel storage in crane pedestal.
xv. Fire & Gas Detection System including HC/ H2S / H2 / Triple IR / Smoke / Heat
Detectors, etc.
xvi. Fire suppression system including Portable CO2 and Dry Chemical Fire
Extinguishers, Fixed DCP Skids, foam hose reels etc.
xvii. Fire water sprinkler system if applicable.
xviii. Life Saving Equipment i.e. life raft 10 persons each, Life Jackets, Life Buoys,
Navigational Aids, Escape Ladders, Scramble Net, First Aid Kits etc. shall be
xix. Navigational aid system.
xx. Solar Panel for generation of electrical power for navigational aids and
instrumentation & controls.
xxi. RTU system for data communication, etc.
Sub-structure mainly comprises of –
Four legged jacket having provision for 9/12/16 slots
30” well conductors.
Cathodic protection system
pre-installed risers
Barge bumpers
Walk-way up to jacket level
Rub strips
Four stage boat landing along with four pairs of swing ropes (hung from cellar
Intruder detection system
The super-structure shall mainly comprise of i) Sub-cellar deck
ii) Cellar deck
iii) Main deck
iv) Helideck
a. Submarine Pipeline
Submarine Pipeline segments of various size and rating and Risers.
b. Activities
To execute the Project having above facilities, following activities are required.
Load out and Transportation
Hook up, testing and commissioning
4.2 Pipeline Replacement Project (PRP – VI)
PRP- VI execution methodology
1. PRP-VI shall be a regular open tender for pipeline line replacement during 2019-20,
2020-21 and 2021-22 working season.
2. Tentatively replacement of 60-70 Km of pipeline segments of various sizes shall be part
of scope of work in each working season.
3. Scope of first year shall be firm. The scope of work for the second and third working
season shall be confirmed to the contractor by 31st January, 2020 and 31st January,
2021 respectively. Scope so confirmed to the contractor shall be the firm scope for that
4. Award Cost for second/ third season for the confirmed scope shall be calculated/
finalized with unit rate provided by the Contractor in the price schedule. Payment will
be regulated as per milestone formulae of the contract.
5. Mob – demob cost shall be reimbursed separately.
6. Price Schedule and evaluation process shall be discussed during EOI meet.
Scope of work for a typical Pipeline Replacement Project
The typical scope of work is to lay submarine pipe lines under rate contract from pig
barrel to pig barrel in its Mumbai High/ Neelam / Heera/ Bassein & Satellite fields along
with top side modifications including hooking up in the manifold on originating &
terminating platform for these pipelines.
The scope shall include design & engineering, Pre-construction/ installation and post
installation survey, providing corrosion and concrete coating on rigid pipes, C.P. System
for rigid lines, removal and disposal of existing riser along with riser clamps (wherever
applicable) installation of new riser clamps, transportation, laying of submarine
pipeline, crossing and free span corrections, hook-up, testing and pre-commissioning,
The topside modifications on various well & process platforms shall include following :
 Dismantling and removal of existing launchers/receivers along with associated
piping connecting it to various headers and riser top. Removal of associated
instrumentation connecting it to various monitoring, safety & shut down
Installation of launchers/receivers and connected deck piping/ fittings along
with associated instrumentation, control, safety and shut down systems
including interconnecting tubing/cabling/wiring, trays, tray supports including
hook-up with existing facilities/equipment.
Deck extension shall be as per the survey report/ requirement.
Extension of fire water network and installation of one Fire and foam hose
Reel for each platform with deck extension for catering to new hydrocarbon
handling facilities where ever fire water is available.
Extension of fusible plug loops and F&G detection system and their integration
with existing systems.
Extension of existing vent header, LP/HP flare header, open deck drain header
(ODD), open hydrocarbon header (ODH) and closed drain header (CDH) and
their integration with new facilities wherever applicable.
The BEC for typical Well Platform Project is enclosed herewith at Annexure 1 for
understanding of participants considering the scope of well platform.
5.2 Submission of EOI:
Participants to EOI are requested to submit their response / feedback through e-mail
with following EOI subjects by 17:30 hrs, 6th August 2018 to Office of ED- Head Of
EOI subjects
1. Empanelment of Firms for Well Head Platforms and associated pipeline Project.
2. Feedback on the proposed execution methodology for the upcoming PRP VI Project.
e-mail: [email protected]
For queries if any, please contact Mr Amit Kumar Pandey, Deputy General Manager(
Mechanical) Tel 022-24088585/ Mob +919969220978; during office hours, Monday
to Friday.
ONGC will hold an EOI meet on 6th August 2018 from 1430 hr, at the 4th floor
Conference Hall, 11 high ONGC, Bandra-Sion Link Road, Mumbai-17.
The prospective bidders are requested to present/ demonstrate their capabilities,
experience and other details, for a maximum duration of 15 minutes. The
participating parties are required to give a soft copy of their presentation along with
suggestions if any to ONGC immediately after the meeting. However, no price details
are to be submitted at this stage.
ONGC reserves the rights to accept, reject, or modify the suggestions presented/
submitted against the EOI while finalizing / fine tuning specifications, scope of work
for the tender.
It is also clarified that mere response to EOI, or enlistment through EOI does not
guarantee award of job. ONGC will make NO payment towards preparation /
submission / presentation in connection with EOI. ONGC shall not charge any bid
processing fees for EOI. It is also clarified that Notice Inviting empanelment Tender
comprising complete Tender Documents shall be uploaded separately after
completing the process of EOI.
5.3 Related instructions:
On the day of EOI on 6th August 2018, the following procedure shall be followed for
issue of entry pass to the venue of the meet.
1. The participants shall visit for ePass at
2. ePass – A visitor needs to sign in before to create visitor pass requesting an
appointment with concerned ONGC officer. New visitors can sign up by clicking the
sign up link.
3. How to use ePass:
After filling the required fields and uploading visitor’s photo/id-proof etc., a One Time
Password/OTP is sent to the visitor mobile and email-id. The registered visitor login
id must be activated before login in to the account. OTP is valid only for 15 minutes
On successful registration and activation of login id visitors are allowed to create
visitor pass to visit an ONGC executive. The visit details are communicated to the
visitor applicant and ONGC officer through email and SMS. Concerned officer may
approve, regret or postpone the appointment. Pass printing is allowed only for
approved visits.
4. Visitors may contact Shri Amit Kumar Pandey : Ph no – 022 24088585/
+919969220978 for any issue