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Listen to two people talking about an exercise routine

Listen to two people talking about an exercise routine. Then select the best answer A, B or C according to what
you understand. (2 points each)
1. What doesn’t the man usually do on Mondays and Wednesdays?
A. He does stretches out.
B. He plays tennis.
C. He runs slowly.
2. What time does he usually get up?
A. He gets up at 7:30.
B. He gets up at 5:30.
C. He gets up at 7:00.
3. How long does he take for jogging?
A. 30 minutes
B. one hour
C. for his endurance
4. Why does the man go hiking on Saturdays?
A. It helps him get rid of his worries from the week.
B. Hiking allows him to love his dog.
C. Walking with his dog provides opportunities to enjoy nature.
5. Why does he warm up before running?
A. so he doesn’t do jumping jacks.
B. so he runs for more time.
C. so he doesn’t pull a muscle.
Part 2: Listen to two friends talking about the new sports center. Write T (true) F (false) NM (Not Mentioned)
according to the information you hear . (1 point each)
Sarah’s clothing item is not her right size.
The day’s temperature mentioned was hot enough for a swimming.
She is complaining about the noise at the pool.
The sports center is located in the city center.
The tables at the sports center were not dirty that time.
Tennis lessons are taught there at a very high cost.
A cold drink was offered to Sarah by her friend.
Football club is practiced early in the morning.
Sarah’s brother goes to the sports center in some occasions.
She has been to the club for several times.
T / F / NM
T / F / NM
T / F / NM
T / F / NM
T / F / NM
T / F / NM
T / F / NM
T / F / NM
T / F / NM
T / F / NM