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S: Good morning, dear audience! I’m Savannah, your favorite TV host. In this
occasion, we are going to visit a man who has a terrible home. He is Pancracio
Esperanza. So we have to…
Alonso: Excuse me, may i interrupt for a moment? My name is Alonso not
Pancracio Buena Esperanza
S: Omg. Sorry for that. So, Mr. Alonso, tell me. How do you want that we do
your house improvement?
Me: So, I will explain in what state i bought the house.First, i get married the last
month and the last week my honeymoon ended
S: Wow, wow. Relax man. I am not a paparazzi to ask about your life. It doesn’t
matter me. I only want to know about your hut.
Me:Miss Savannah this is important, because i have a wife and the girls are so
complicated and if i repaint the walls or rearrege the furnitures of a way that she
doesn´t like i may have an argue with her and i don’t want that.
S: Ok, don’t worry. So tell me. What’s your problem? Are your lightbulbs
burnet? The walls are cracked? The drink is clogged or do you have a clogged
Me: No, my problems’ house are a little bit different. First, when the seller gave
me the keys of the bathroom i tried out open that door, but they are bent.
Second, i went to the basement to do the laundry, the lock is jammed so, i
broke the door. I finished with the laundry and i return to try to repair the keys
but i couldn´t…
S: And why don’t you fix your keys first? It could be more reasonable.
Me:Wait, one at the time. Then, i returned for hang out the washing but, the
basement is flooded.
S: Hm… So your basement is flooded. Sounds pretty hard. But I think you
should call a plumber or you could even call us! Because we have great
plumbers to do this job. And the price is low. And about your keys, have you
thinking about calling the locksmith? He may repair it in five minutes or less.
Me: About the suggestion with the plumber is… A Good idea, and respect the
locksmith i guess it’s worth a try
S: Well. Let’s put that aside. I want to know about your real home improvement.
You know, the color of your walls, a rearrange or something like that .
Me: Look, the kitchen, right? I know… It’s terrible. Can we do something with
bright colors?
S: Oh, man. Are you serious? In this kitchen, I feel that I’m in a funeral.
Me: What if we try repaint with bright colors?
S: No, it’s not a good idea. We have to combine it with neutral colors.
Me: That’s perfect, neutral colors uh… like night blue, gray blue, brown, light
[Savannah’s part]
Me: Don’t forget about the table. Do you have a discount if i get rid of that table
or furnitures?
S: Yes, we have. But you have to talk it with Clyde. Now, let’s see your living
room… You better get more lights right here because this room is too dark. And
wow, man. It’s a messy. C’mon, be more organized.
Me: Yeah, i supossed to i Will rearrege with your staff.
S: Yup. And what about this room? Can we destroy it? It’s horrible to have a
small room that it’s not important.
Me: Not, Savannah i’m planning to have a baby and it may be the babyroom.