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Verbal Tenses (1)

Simple Present
Simple Past
Simple Future
Aff. S+V+O
She watches the project. / They spend much time in the research
He works for a multinational / We play golf
Aff. S+V+O
She watched the project. / They spent much time in the research
He worked for a multinational / We played golf
She will open a branch in N.Y. / He’ll invest 1 million next year
They’ll employ 5 new workers / I’ll play cards with my friends
Don’t / doesn’t
She doesn’t watch the project / He doesn’t export flowers
They don’t create a new product every year
She didn’t watch the project / He didn’t export flowers
They didn’t create a new product every year
Will won’t
She won’t work tomorrow / He won’t deliver the order today
They won’t complete the task
Int. WH +AUX+S+V+O?
Where do you work?/ does he play tennis?
Do they import the raw material? / When does she pay the
Make a question
Int. WH +AUX+S+V+O?
Why didn’t she learn English? / did he send the merchandise?
Didn’t they sell the production? / Why did she ask for the
Make a question
Int. WH +AUX+S+V+O?
Where will he study English? / will she send the receipt next
Will they sell the production? / How long will he take in that
Make a question
Present Progressive
Past Progressive
Future Progressive
Aff. S+to be (am/is/are)+V(-ing)+O
She is watching T.V. / They’re selling their stocks
I’m planning to open a restaurant / We’re paying rent
Aff. S+to be (was/were)+V(-ing)+O
We were paying cash / he was writing a report
I was reading the statistics / They were paying rent
Aff. S+will+be+V(-ing)+O
We will be studying in the office / I will be waiting for you
Tom will be developing a new software/ she’ll be paying a bill
Neg. S+to be(NOT)+V(-ing)+O
Isn’t / aren’t
She isn’t watching T.V. / They aren’t selling their stocks
I’m not planning to open a restaurant / We aren’t paying rent
Neg. S+to be(NOT)+V(-ing)+O
Wasn’t / weren’t
They weren’t looking for a job. / he wasn’t giving a lecture
I was not paying attention / Tina wasn’t working in Japan
Neg. S+will(not)+be+V(-ing)+O
Will not } won’t
They won’t be exporting this year / he won’t be waiting for you
I won’t be helping you all the time / she’ll not be closing a deal
Int. WH +to be+S+V (-ing) +O?
Why is she traveling a lot? / Aren’t they coming to the party?
Isn’t he studying English? / Where is he studying?
Make a question
Int. WH +to be+S+V(-ing)+O?
Why wasn’t he delivering the order? / was she helping you?
Were you calling Albert? / What was she doing?
Make a question
Int. WH +will+S+be+V(-ing)+O?
Why won’t he be presenting the event? / will you be fixing it?
Will Shakira be singing the anthem? / What will you be doing?
Make a question
Present Perfect
Past Perfect
Future Perfect
She has ordered 5 units. / he’s spoken for 2 hours
They’ve worked here since October / We have had problems
Neg. S+AUX(NOT)+V(P.P.)+O
hasn’t / haven’t
he hasn’t seen the report / We haven’t sold the products yet
They’ve not understood the lesson / I’ve not eaten anything today
Aff. S+AUX(HAD)+V(P.P.)+O
We’d imported the raw material / he had given me good reasons
Mark had thought about a solution / I had had an opportunity
Aff. S+WILL +HAVE +V(P.P.)+O
We will have finished by June / he’ll have sold millions by 2020
Dan will have graduated by 2008 / I’ll have won the Nobel Prize
Neg. S+AUX(NOT)+V(P.P.)+O
Had not / hadn’t
he hadn’t seen the report / We hadn’t sold the products yet
you hadn’t brought your paper / I’d fired the employees
Int. WH +AUX+S+V (P.P) +O?
Have you ever been to Chicago? / Has she worked in sales?
Why have you applied for this job? / has he had some experience?
Make a question
Int. WH +AUX+S+V (P.P) +O?
Had she started the plan? / Had you sold your car?
When had you taken the exam? / had she written the report?
Make a question
Int. WH +WILL+S+HAVE+V (P.P) +O?
Will she have finished the schedule by 5 pm?
When will you have got married?
Make a question
he won’t have come to class on time
the company won’t have covered the demand by December
Wh Questions: what / where / when / why / who / which / whose / how / how long / how far / how often / how much / how many / how old / how deep
Wh Questions: what / where / when / why / who / which / whose / how / how long / how far / how often / how much / how
many / how old / how deep