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150 words

Write 150 words about things that are happening now in your life:
in the last months I have been thinking about what goals in my life I need to
accomplish and while thinking, I have realized that none of those that I had
proposed as a child.
Currently I am at the university studying international trade and I am doing very
well, also throughout my career I have taken several courses on tariff
classification and a course on international trade between Asia, Europe and
South America at the Ibero University of Tijuana.
I also fulfilled my dream of buying the car that I had always wanted, and I did it.
I have also been reflecting on the trips that my family together with me have
Also, in the university I have good marks.
what else? Ah yes, I forgot that I am also training boxing, and I am doing very
I have been in several courses that could help me in my professional career and
also personally