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Which is the world's largest continent and which is the smallest?
Asia is the biggest continent. Did you know that Asia is more than four times as big as the USA?
Which continent has the world's highest mountains?
Asia. The Himalayan mountains are the highest mountains in the world, well of course we
mean the highest mountains above sea level.
Which continent has the most countries?
Africa is the continent with the most countries in the world, with 54 countries.
Which continent has the longest mountain range?
South America's Andes mountains are the longest mountain range in the world. It stretches
over seven countries in South America!
Which is the world's largest ocean?
The Pacific Ocean which is not only the largest, but also the deepest ocean.
Which is the planet's longest river?
The Nile with 6,853km/4,258miles in length is the longest river. It flows northwards through 10
countries in Northeastern Africa and drains into the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt.
the nile is the longest river on the planet
Where is the Earth's tallest Mountain?
Mount Everest, the world's highest mountain, is located in Nepal in the Himalayas.
Where is the lowest point on the earth's surface?
The lowest point on any continent is located at the Dead Sea which is a salt lake bordering
Israel and Jordan
Where are the world's highest waterfalls?
The Angel Falls in Venezuela are the highest waterfalls in the world with 979 metres.
Which is the world's deepest lake?
The world's deepest lake is Lake Baikal in Siberia/Russia with 1,642 metres.
What is the planet's biggest lake?
Caspian Lake is the largest lake on the planet with an average depth of 211 meters.
Which country has more islands?
Sweden is the country that has more islands with 257,000 islands.
Which is the world's biggest archipelago?
The Malay archipelago including Indonesia that claims 17,508 islands on their territory and the
Philippines with more than 7,600 islands.
La Paz is the highest city in the world.
The world's largest country is Russia 17,075,400 square kilometers
The world's smallest country is Vatican City 0.44 square kilometers
China has the largest city in the world, Shanghai. More than 26 million people live and
work in this city.
the netherlands is one of smalest countries