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José Silveirinha
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Past and Present
1. Humanity’s biggest problem
2. Point of no return
3. The destruction of Nature
4. Our lies and delusions:
The problem of lacking awareness
5. Our lies and delusions:
Others’ fault, and our innocence
6. How to solve the ecological dilemma?
7. Progress, Development and Comfort
8. Who will save us from self-destruction?
9. Paradise, Hell, and Life
10. The worst criminals
11. The secrets and happiness
12. Human Laws
13. The lie of the Creation of the World to serve us
14. Intelligence, wisdom and self-centredness
15. Our nature, evolution, and the theory of natural selection
16. The Future
17. War and Destruction
18. Education, Poverty and Misery, Wealth
19. Our animality
20. The machines that control us
21. The courage to take risks and fight
22. Development, Growth and Destruction
23. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil
24. Reward and punishment
25. War and Destruction
26. The contradiction: conflict between the values of freedom, liberalism and the values
of protection of the environment
27. Solutions for the possibility of the Man and Nature on Earth
28. Material Wealth
29. Paradise
The Future
30. What do we want? How to stop the destruction?
31. Demographic control
32. Liberation of the poor against capital holders: the rationalisation of the work and
production processes, for the common good
33. Extermination of false men who harm the society for their own benefit
34. How to exterminate greed?
35. The lie of economic growth
36. New laws in a new society: the Gaia
37. Democracy, Media and Power serving Greed
38. How to neutralise Greed: reducing Power, and stopping Corruption and the material
earnings of the powerful
39. The Freedom fallacy
40. Slavery and servility: the machine-Man
41. Social security of the group above that of the individual
42. Advantages of a small community where everybody knows each other
43. Advantages of electronic, automatic, live, independent patrolling, investigation,
criminalisation and trial of humans
44. Punishing the betrayal
45. The New World
46. Greed and machine-men
47. The approaching War
48. Let’s destroy the international thieves
49. Let’s destroy the national thieves
50. Happiness and Unhappiness
51. Global Village
Past and Present
1. Humanity’s biggest problem
The biggest problem Humanity faces nowadays concerns its values.
Born from the dissemination of information and information technologies, in today’s
society, increasingly based on values of individual freedom and economic liberalism, we
begin to see the people gradually freeing themselves from dictators, but not yet from
oppressors or dominators.
2. Point of no return
Simultaneously, we begin to understand that the World is coming to a point of no
return, given that in 50 years time we will need two Earths in order to maintain Mankind’s
thirst for consumerism…
We know this is not possible. So, what should we do?
3. The destruction of Nature
We need to be effective in order to avoid the extinction of Life on Earth.
Virgin forests are being devastated. We log entire forests so as to feed the timber and
paper industries, and then we convert that ground into pasture, where we raise cattle, which is
our food, or into lands where we plant palm trees, and build even more cities.
At this rate, within the next 100 years we will have extinguished at least half the
existing species on Earth: the current mass extinction is related to human activity, logging of
forests and other habitats, unbridled hunting and fishing, the introduction of non-native
species, pollution and climate change. This terrifying statement is not demagogy, nor is it a
lie, or theory: it is a confirmed, catastrophic, apocalyptic fact!
4. Our lies and delusions:
The problem of lacking awareness
Every day we log more and more forests, we decimate more and more species, still our
conscience is clear, because we say we do it for the sake of development and survival, and
because where we do it, it is our domain, our country, and it is our right, a practice
acknowledged by everyone, to do as we please on our land…
5. Our lies and delusions:
Others’ fault and our innocence
We accuse other countries of causing the current mass extinction of species, and we
know it is true; those same countries that are now, hypocritically, asking us not to do it…
And we, the poor ones, the poor countries, or the well-off, developing countries, state
that our development demands it, and accuse the rich ones, the rich countries of causing the
whole situation, over the past two centuries, and excuse ourselves saying that we are not to
blame, that we only started it in recent years, and they are the ones who must make amends.
We maintain this right, ours, and that obligation, theirs, as if it was possible to create,
just in a few years, virgin forests which take millions of years to form…
We speak as if we knew how to create those forests… In fact, many of the species we
have extinguished from those destroyed forests hadn’t even been identified, and they will
never be, because now they are gone…
We are satisfied with stuffing carcasses of extinct species, and we claim that their
extinction is not significant, given that we keep the stuffed carcasses…
How is it possible not to hate or despise our own actions, and not to correct them?
6. How to solve the ecological dilemma?
How is it possible to control a Whole, in which 7 billion human beings swarm on the
face of the Earth, like a starving pest that destroys everything on its path?
Concerning the ecological issue, every man has an excuse to justify his own actions,
and to carry on committing them, while blaming others without mercy, because they do it,
like we do, and continue to do so…
We have destroyed those forests, which provided oxygen for us to breathe, and in
contrast, the cattle we raise on those grounds will contribute drastically for global warming,
and climate change.
Wouldn’t it be better to follow the principle: stop, look, and listen to what the Earth
tells you?
7. Progress, Development and Comfort
We do everything we do, which we know is harmful, excusing ourselves, for the sake
of our comfort, our progress, and our development, which we have labelled as social,
economic, scientific, cultural, etc… Contemptuous of the Earth, we say it is so big that it can
support us all, and can resist every atrocity we commit.
8. Who will save us from self-destruction?
We forget to ask ourselves if this so-called Creator, this God of whom we speak so
much, but also despise so much, hypocritically, will be of help once the Earth is no longer the
Paradise we used to live in, and becomes the Hell we are spreading!
9. Paradise, Hell, and Life
In all human societies, Paradise has always been made up of Nature, created by the
Creator, with water springs, trees, plants, and animals, where man and woman walked
innocently naked, and there was never a place for technology… or seas, rivers and
On the contrary, Hell, in all human societies, has always been made up of lava, fire. No
Life, because Fire destroys Life!
Curiously enough, the Earth is mainly composed of a core of Fire…
Life was a miracle, a combination of matter, so exceptional, that a single DNA code
should be much more precious than all the gold in the World and in the Universe. But that is
not the case for Mankind, although it most certainly is for the Creator!
10. The worst criminals
Who is the worst criminal? The one who kills a living being, even if it is a human
being? Or the one who exterminates thousands of non-human living beings at once, by
decimating an entire forest?
The devastation of an entire forest will only be important if at least one human being is
killed in the process. This is our culture, born from 5,000 years of civilization. What we
forget, or we have never learnt, is that it was the forest that fed our body, and our soul, and
our heart for over 60,000 years as Homo sapiens, and 1.5 million years as Homo erectus…
11. The secrets and happiness
It is logical and obvious that it is not up to us, animals, to come close to the Creator’s
wisdom and unfold its secrets. This is not why he has created us. He has created us to be
happy, to live in paradise enjoying the pleasures of Life and Nature: the pleasures that come
to our bodies and to our Souls with what Nature gives us: Sun’s light and warmth, the vision
of beauty of the nature and the World, the flavour of the fruits in the trees, the water from
springs, the milk from cows, the aroma of the flowers, listening to the birds singing, and the
human voice, the touch of human skin, the feeling of hot and cold, the wind and the water,
and the introspection and extrospection, and the vision and mental understanding of life and
Love, art, science…
12. Human Laws
Since we have only made laws that protect humans from each other, inside our own
domains, which we call countries, and since we were not concerned about making laws which
protect our world, from ourselves, the homo sapiens; laws that are above all other existing
laws, that protect the Earth from ourselves: we are walking towards self-destruction and the
destruction of Life on Earth.
Given that we have only made laws which benefit us, hypocritically, and given that we
despise the Other, the foreign and the stranger, whether human or otherwise, and given that
we despise our surrounding environment, and the Earth, we are, inexorably, walking towards
The extinction of Life on Earth is not out of the equation, if the Man, lost as he is,
blinded by his own greed which despises everything and everyone, shielded, and protected by
the hypocritical laws of Freedom and Liberalism he has created, and that deceives and
seduces everyone, rich or poor, the same way gold attracts any person… But, alas, not all that
glitters is gold!
13. The lie of the Creation of the World to serve us
We have created schools that teach our children that we are the only true intelligent
species on Earth.
We have created religions that teach our children that the Earth was created by the
Creator to serve us.
We gave this Creator a divine nature, so we could call him God, and then claim that he
gave us a divine nature, giving us Eternal Life after Death, if we do Good… With the hope,
with this faith in Eternal Life, we stopped fighting for the true values, and we are apathetic
and take pity on the criminals: we let thieves rob us, and criminals destroy the environment,
and we forgive them, because we know that we are guaranteed with Heaven, and they will go
to Hell.
Thus, we don’t really care that Life on Earth disappears, because true Life is Eternal
Life, after Death…
And we don’t question how it might be, if we fought those ungodly, those thieves,
hypocrites who, solely driven by lust and greed, destroy our environment, our Earth.
Because, after all, we don’t fight them, for we cowardly prefer to renounce Happiness
in Life, in order to get it after Death.
Life is not a one-day Work: it is a work of over 4 billion years.
The Homo sapiens appeared 100,000 years ago, and the Homo erectus roamed for over
1.5 million years…
Registered human history began a little over 5,000 years ago.
Technological progress began at that time… And that was when our environmental
destruction began.
Everything we did was well done, except for protecting our environment.
Back then we had an excuse, because we didn’t know what we were doing, or what
would the consequences be. But today, we have no excuse, because we know what we are
doing and what are the consequences.
We sin against nature and the World, we know that what we do is harmful, but we just
can’t stop doing it, afraid of losing our comfort…
We always expect others to act first, and we are the last ones to do it…
Since we have set that He has created everything to serve us, we have set that all
species were created to serve us.
In some religions, some human castes serve other human castes…
14. Intelligence, wisdom and self-centredness
We have established intelligent, scientific and complex systems, with the great ability
of our highly developed brain, and we claim that they are the outcome of the power that God,
the Creator, has given us, or we state that they are the result of the Power that the Demon (the
Destructor, enemy of God, always defeated by him, because he is weaker) has given us, for
our self-destruction, and our destruction…
We do everything according to our self-centredness. But we do not admit it, and mask
those feelings and thoughts in every way possible and imaginable, to persuade and deceive
We claim that other species are inferior to us, and we don’t care if they are extinct, as
long as we survive as individuals, as well as those who are close to us.
We don’t care what is going on in our neighbour’s house, as long as it does not affect
us. But if his house is on fire, then we care, because it may burn our own.
15. Our nature, evolution, and the theory of natural selection
We replicate Mother Nature in everything. In fact, the human kind, the homo sapiens,
descendant of the homo erectus, who has migrated from Africa over one hundred thousand
years ago, has managed to take over the World with his intelligence, wisdom, strength and
will to dominate. He has managed to subdue every other species, and has also managed to
research, get to know and interpret, use and manipulate nature itself.
He has made great discoveries, in all fields. Let’s look at a few examples:
In health: he was able to develop methods and drugs which pushed life expectancy to
close to 80 years; 400 years ago, life expectancy didn’t pass, on average, 50 years.
In economy: he managed to create investment banks which provide, relatively easily,
credit which allows the fulfilment of short, medium and long term projects, which would not
have been possible in the era of control and exploitation of the People by the Nobility.
In physics: he managed to find methods of producing, transport and supply energy,
which have developed frantically, when around half a century ago there was not much.
We have created incredibly sophisticated electricity networks, with very high voltage,
which carry energy from the power stations set in river dams, and in the sea, in wind power
systems, nuclear power stations, fuel and coal power stations, solar power stations,
geothermal power stations, etc.
These networks send power to our homes, where machines and appliances serve us and
make our lives very comfortable: heaters or coolers of the household and water, kitchens,
electric ovens, micro-wave ovens for the kitchen, toasters, washing, dryer, and ironing
machines. Air filtering machines, floor-cleaning machines: vacuum cleaners, and washers.
Clothes dryers and air dehumidifiers. Fans, lighting appliances, with neon, incandescent,
fluorescent, LED, tungsten, halogen, electric discharge and induction lamps, hairdryers,
toothbrushes, beard and hair trimmers, jacuzzis, showers, and all the computers, telephones,
audio-visual appliances, with access to Radio, Television, Cable TV, Satellite TV, Internet.
We have created computers for everything, sophisticated telecommunication networks,
resourcing to wireless and wired networks, which are all over the world, when half a century
ago there was nothing of the kind.
We have thousands of telecommunication satellites orbiting the Earth, stations for
production, treatment, coding and decoding of telecommunication signals. We use electronics
for everything: analogue, digital, radio signals.
We have access to every audio-visual means through the Internet, and we can speak,
communicate, and see “live” whomever we wish, anywhere in the world, almost free of
charge, through the Internet.
We were able to develop very fast processes that allow us to develop tasks, which, only
a few years ago, were impossible to do or took an awful long time.
We have created industrial, hospital, financial, banking, etc., digital machines which
operate effectively, and intelligently, a scenario that we could never have imagined just a few
years ago.
We went to the Moon, sent spaceships into the solar system, and even outside the solar
system. We were able to see the macro-cosmos and the micro-cosmos.
And we know that our intelligence and ability to store knowledge is increasing
exponentially every day.
We fly in less than a day from one to the other side of the World…
We have means of transportation, underground, bullet trains almost as fast as
aeroplanes, and many cars, which allow us to commute quickly between home and
workplace, where we become a human production machine which provides the necessary
energy at the end of each month, so we can keep on living in the following month…
16. The Future
Let’s imagine what the scientific development can bring us in the Future, that is, if we
don’t self-destruct, but rather self-improve by protecting our environment:
a) Telepathy, through brainwave receivers and converters, implanted in the brain.
b) The knowledge storage capacity through the download of data to the brain, once
again, using receivers and converters, implanted in the brain.
c) Eternal life, through the capacity of regeneration of all the limbs and organs of the
body, including the brain, even if they have been destroyed, through the creation of
d) Teleporting the body in a few seconds, from one point on Earth to the other.
e) Interstellar transportation
f) Colonisation of other planets
g) Visualisation of the Past and the Future
h) Time travel
i) Proving the existence of soul, spirit and the Creators
j) Physical into spiritual transmutation and vice-versa
k) The ability to communicate with spirits and the Creators
l) The mastery of the real and the unreal
m) The ability to create matter from nothing
17. War and Destruction
But our technological acumen has also developed sophisticated war machines, and
weapons of mass destruction, and neutron bombs that kill all the living beings but leave the
infrastructures intact, although filled with deadly radiation…
18. Education, Poverty and Misery, Wealth
In the field of education: we have created schools and universities for the benefit of the
general population. A little over fifty years ago, the percentage of beneficiaries was
considerably lower.
Even today, there are many countries filled with misery and poverty, where only the
rich can have access to education, and where the wealthy control the society, exploiting the
work of those who have always been and will always be poor, if the living, social and
political conditions, as well as the judicial and police systems, etc. are not changed. A few
families have been wealthy for centuries. By means of holding the capital and the production
means, by means of their entrepreneurial ability, and their knack for business, daring to invest
and take risks, they have undoubtedly contributed to the improvement of people’s social
conditions, but have mostly contributed to their own enrichment.
19. Our animality
We know that we are still animals, with animal behaviours, and what fuels them is the
same that fuels the behaviours of other animals: survival, competition, territorial control and
Were we not intelligent, we would have probably stayed in Africa, and Earth would
probably still be like it was 70,000 years ago: virgin, beautiful, healthy, ecologically balanced
and able to survive for eons.
20. The machines that control us
How intelligent are we? Let’s see what we have done with our super-neurons: a quick
look at our societies shows that we have stopped being human and became machines, we
claim that we have stopped being poor and left rural misery behind. In fact, we once lived in
harmony with the Nature that fed us, and came to the cities for a rat race, competing to be
used by the companies that pay us better, companies that are owned by the bosses of the
capital, who intend to be even greater bosses and accumulate ever more wealth, but who
sometimes, for many reasons, go bankrupt.
21. The courage to take risks and fight
Yes, we take risks, we are heroes, but not everyone can take risks because not everyone
has the courage. Therefore, only those with courage can grasp the opportunities.
This is curious because the same thing is happening in the animal kingdom: those who
fail to dare don’t get the prey… They have to wait for the daring ones to be satiated, and then
leave them the leftovers, so that they can feed. Those who had the courage, they also have to
fight each other to be the first ones, and they may even risk their own integrity because in the
fight they may be fatally wounded… The weak don’t go down in history, but they are the
ones who support the strong.
That’s how beasts work. In the case of humans, things are just the same way, but
happen peacefully, politely, with due respect for the Law, and the Constitutions created by the
22. Development, Growth and Destruction
We do not contest that there has been development, be it social, economic, cultural,
demographic, etc… But what does development really mean? Growth? The growth of an
embryo to become an adult is natural. But what if that embryo grew to become a monster the
size of a continent? That would be a threat to the Earth.
The current 7 billion human beings, per se, do not pose a threat for the planet they live
in. It is simple to understand that the threat does not lie in what they eat, or in what they do,
but rather in what they can do, destroy, or change…
We know that this brutal, exponential growth of the human population has resulted
from scientific development and the reduction of risk factors: better disease control, the end
of wars of mass extinction, and the maximisation of the survival skills.
23. The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil
Nevertheless, we have seen situations that are fit for the Bible. The Creation, the
Paradise, the Tree of Life, or of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, the devil’s red serpent that
convinced Eve to eat the apple, while her and Adam were advised against it by their Creator –
who was not even their God, given that he had not yet been construed as divine by the
innocent Adam and Eve. In this story it is rather interesting to note how God created a
Paradise, and in doing it he also put that tree, allowing, since the very beginning, the
possibility of them eating the apple. Why did he do it? So that it would eventually happen?
Was it on purpose? He knew that the demon could have accomplished what he has. Or didn’t
he? If he knew, then he admitted that it could have happened. If he didn’t know, then he was a
naïve Creator, just like any naïve human…
In fact, it seems to me that the Paradise in which these two innocent people were living,
which had everything from the start, would turn out to be rather boring really soon… Adam
and Eve would soon become boring to their Creator… And they would be bored too…
Then, do all other species bore the Creator too? The dinosaurs, etc.?
No Sir, I don’t buy this Paradise story, in the sense that there was a Tree of the
Knowledge of Good and Evil, which fruits you should not eat, because, afterwards that apple
would poison Man’s heart. Nevertheless, I can admit that, apparently, this is what is currently
happening, when seen by an observer possibly not aware of the past…
I’m not against Heaven, Purgatory, or Hell… But I’m not in favour either: what’s so
funny about a Creator amusing himself by sending some guys Here and other guys There?
For this reason, let’s cut off these images, which cloud our vision of Existence, and
let’s face the Reality. Let’s attack our enemies, let’s wipe out these demons that control our
body and soul, and invite us to have pleasure, comfort, greed, leading us to extermination and
destruction, and let’s defend the angels that guide our way to happiness, to Heaven on Earth:
rediscovering our true values, their defense, and the protection of our mother-nature at all
cost, with no tolerance whatsoever.
24. Reward and punishment
Yes, we know it is logical that our actions are punished, or rewarded, but do we need
more than one life? More than one Mother-earth?
We are looking at extremes, and we know that our planet cannot take a lot more. But
who cares about it?
25. War and Destruction
Oh, ok, not everyone agrees that we are moving towards a war, towards the extinction
of Life. There are those who believe that, in case of war, they will survive. Die? Yes, you die,
everyone else can die, so that we, the ones who are left, can live better, with the drastic
reduction of the world’s population… This way of thinking is shameful and despicable: but
this is how many people think…
What are our options?
The greedy hypocritical thieves will say:
Leave the situation as it is. And let it worsen exponentially, because this
environment destruction process is unstoppable.
Let’s be brave. Let us become richer. Forget about the others. As long as we are
rich, we will be able to travel to other places, and we’ll have a good or a better life than
the one we have.
Yes, let’s explore to the full the rules of competition and the market, let’s wipe out
the living species, let’s deplete all sources of raw materials, let’s fill the world with
garbage, let’s heat up the atmosphere even further, with the infinite number of machines
we have created for our transportation, heating and cooling, let’s breed more cows, and
destroy all the forests.
The Planet has everlasting resources, there is no danger, man will find a way to
face every day’s challenges.
26. The contradiction: conflict between the values of freedom, liberalism and the
values of environmental protection
However, I ask myself: in addition to the people’s trend to free the populations,
politically, in addition to those people’s will of more freedom, equality of opportunities, and
fraternity, we also see the fall of socialist and communist regimes, and the late predominance
of the neoliberal, capitalist systems. But these systems are also diseased. Indeed very sick.
The world is under a veil of lies: the public debt of the powerful countries is so
massive, that if they had to actually pay they would become bankrupt overnight.
The Human Civilization has failed, but curiously enough, we are looking today at the
greatest revolution of Mankind: the information revolution, using computers and
telecommunication. All of the sudden, we are living in a global village. Is this revolution
good or bad?
The positive processes are naturally good, but the negative ones are naturally bad. The
good doesn’t destroy, rather protects and strengthens, but the evil destroys. We have to put an
end to the bad processes.
And I ask myself: how is it possible for Man to have failed to grasp this, and not yet
decided which is the best system for living?
Yes, all right, the Man prefers the liberal system, because investment allows for equal
opportunities for all.
But should we allow men to indecently exploit the work of other men?
Should we allow the lies to replace truth? And the truth is that everybody is different,
and we have different opportunities, different quality of life, and different conditions of
freedom, or fraternity.
It is our greed that, for over 100,000 years, when we left Africa, has contributed to our
27. Solutions for the viability of Man and Nature on Earth
We don’t need to completely change our social systems. We don’t need wars, nor
massive destruction of societies, not even the death of hundreds of millions, or even a few
billion of people, nor do we need exterminations, cities’ destruction, or any demise at all.
We need to look at each other, take a look at our surroundings, and open up our eyes to
the Sun and to the Beauty of Nature, which has given life to us, think more about where we
came from, the places we have been, and where we should have gone through, where we are
going and where we want to go or would rather go.
Probably, we don’t want to let go of our comfort but if we don’t do it rationally, we
will end up destroying Life on Earth.
We feel the need to have our philosophers, scientists and every cultured man thinking
and considering.
We feel the need to go back to our roots.
Let’s consider if we would rather have stayed in Africa, (from where we fatefully left
hundreds of thousands of years ago… But now it is late to go back, there are just too many of
us, seven billion, we wouldn’t fit back in there).
If we didn’t move, we wouldn’t have the beautiful human variety we have today, as we
multiplied while roaming the planet.
However, we have to decide, once and for all, if we want to live, if we want our
children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, our descendants to remain here and live for
another thousand years…
Let’s think about this. And forget, for a while, all the duties we have imposed on
ourselves, (or were they imposed on us?), and think about the way we would like our society
to be…
Perhaps from this discussion we might see the light, which will help us dispel the
darkness in which we currently blind-walk, struggling.
As for me, if I were asked whether I would be willing to die for the sustenance of Life
on Earth I would say, without any hesitation, yes! And I am sure that most of us would say
the same, if not steeped in ignorance.
28. Material Wealth
What use is wealth if in the near future it will end up killing us? This wealth is
comparable to the fat tissues that cause all kinds of diseases in the human body: diabetes,
sclerosis, strokes, heart attacks, etc.
What use is material wealth, if it contributes to the evils of this life?
29. Paradise
True Paradise does exist, still exists, it is here, on Earth, it is our Mother-nature, even
though we have already annihilated many of the species that originally made up that Paradise.
The evolution of Life on Earth has gone through many stages, along 3.5 billion years.
The dinosaurs have lived hundreds of millions of years, but our species, the Homo sapiens,
Homo erectus, has only existed for a little over 1.5 million years and, possibly, if our habits
remain unchanged, will become extinct in a few hundred years.
The Future
30. What do we want? How to stop the destruction?
Do we want to extinguish life on Earth? Well, certainly no. Then, how can we reverse
this destructive trend?
We should start by understanding that we need to feed our bodies, and children, every
But, do we need to destroy our resources so recklessly? No. But we need to reduce the
population so that it is in balance with the amount of available resources in the planet.
31. Demographic control
There are some actions we can adopt immediately to this effect.
1. To reduce human population without wars, killings, or slaughters, we will need birth
2. The ‘one couple, one child’ policy adopted by China is a good example, although the
law is too harsh for those who do not comply. This law should be enforced with incentives,
not punishment… If every family in the world has just one child, within one or two
generations, global population will decrease. From 7 billion it will gradually go down to 5, 4,
3 billion. If this policy is kept, within 300 years we might be only 1 billion people.
3. In order to stop the demographic pressure we will necessarily have to control the
relevant factors:
- Using means of contraception
- Control of the mechanisms of economic development, which prompt that
demographic growth.
32. Liberation of the poor against capital holders: the rationalisation of the work
and production processes, for the common good
Investors want their companies to grow, and for that they need cheap labour; their
greed demands for efficiency in production, and the growth of production requires even more
workers. This means that we must apply the recipe also to companies, and production means:
we must reduce the amount of companies and the number of capitalists and investors.
For that we have to stop the companies from growing, we have to reduce their amount,
and as such we have to reverse the process by which the capitalists control de production
means. The more they earn, the richer they get. This enrichment requires more manpower,
and better efficiency of production means.
33. Extermination of fake people who harm the society for their own benefit
Therefore we need to grab the evil by the root. Society cannot be governed by those
men who abuse the power they were given, hypocritically and falsely, for their own good,
constantly claiming that they do it to serve the welfare of the majority.
Those scammers, the politicians, the businessmen, the greedy workers, the corrupted
controllers of the political and governmental systems have undermined the meaning of Power
and Justice. Also the controllers of the Capital and Assets who provide them access, who
gather wealth just for themselves, and don’t give nothing back to the society, which they
drain and parasitize, and their assistants and bosses, who caused the desperate situation taking
us to the bottom.
34. How to eradicate greed?
We have to set clear rules that defend us from the disease that is greed, and the evils
that come from it. For that we need to take control of the production means.
The capitalists have defeated the communists since they have outlived them.
There is not, nor there ever was, true successful communism in the world. We all know
the atrocities committed by the communist regimes, fiercer and darker than the worst
authoritarian regimes known by the modern world.
We know human nature is not perfect. Apparently, no one can resist the temptation of
power, and the comfort offered by wealth.
This idea is applied to any political system, be it a monarchy, republic, empire, or
derived from any form of the ancient civilizations (Moengedaro [India], Babylonic, Assyrian,
Egyptian, Persian, Greek, Roman, Aztec, Pre-imperial Chinese, etc.), from recent
civilizations: European Judaeo-Christian, Arab-Muslim, Indian castes, Tibetan, postConfucius Chinese, or from the contemporary civilizations, based on the separation of
powers, and upheld by the People through democratic elections.
They have all failed, and none of it is a role model, except possibly for Denmark,
where education allows for the citizens, on their own initiative, to be honest enough not to try
to cheat the State.
We have to curb the mechanisms that allow for a single person or group to have too
much power and too much wealth.
Many will say that without the freedom to invest and develop one’s own projects there
will be no progress. We have learned at school that, in a democracy, with its economic
liberalism, the competition law should be respected. Economic competition is comparable to
competition in the animal kingdom.
However, how to associate our intelligence skills to our competition skills, in order to
improve the latter? We have emulated, unknowingly, the very rules of nature: the stronger
survives the weaker dies. This is called the principle of natural selection.
This Law of Nature cannot be directly applied to human society without the risk of
destroying the planet. How can we use, hypocritically, our intelligence to foster a company
while making others disappear?
We were taught that only the best companies with the best products survive. We cannot
keep companies that are not competitive, at the risk of causing losses. And losses are always a
burden and destructive.
35. The lie of economic growth
We come to the conclusion that, on the one hand, we need competitive companies, but
on the other hand we must restrain those companies from growing too much and end up fully
controlling the markets and civil society.
How can we combine this double need?
Apparently, economic growth is something good. It allows, for one, the investors to get
rich and therefore to reinvest more; for another, it allows for the population who works for
them to have their own means of subsistence – without a job they wouldn’t survive; – and the
society also benefits from the taxes paid, which allow for the state to invest in infrastructures,
providing economic growth and facilities for the society and the country.
But do we want that kind of development? No, what they call development is a
corrupted development, it is an unnatural process.
36. New laws in a new society: the Gaia
We have to create laws that protect us, that protect the society, that protect Life on
Earth, the species, ecological balance, that guarantees everyone’s harmony and happiness.
When we refer to everyone’s happiness, we are talking about all living things, no
exceptions, and naturally we consider that the human species has no more rights than other
species, given that it is also a part of the same living Cell, which exists on Earth, to which
some call Gaia, and which behaves as a whole.
We have to set priorities, laws that protect Life on Earth: the Gaia.
In order to define those laws we will begin by giving priority to Life on Earth, not
putting Mankind first.
If we were asked what we prefer: to see Mankind survive for another 300 years, and
annihilate itself with a nuclear war that would destroy Life on Earth, or that Mankind
disappears magically so that other species can strive on, and live for another hundreds of
millions of years, we will naturally prefer the demise of Mankind!
But do we have to go that radical way? We don’t know, but we want to believe that we
don’t, as long as we make up our minds, once and for all, to eradicate the cancers that are
destroying us.
Our planet is sick and, first of all, we must take care of it. There is no other way out.
We cannot compromise. We cannot complacently believe that the situation will improve by
itself, because if we do so, within a short period of time we will all be dead, and Life will
disappear from Earth.
Therefore, we must identify the diseases that affect us and, if we can’t eliminate them
at once, we must at least try to control them.
What diseases are these? Greed and every ill associated with it. Where is greed
nowadays? In people. In every society. In every country.
The common good is superior to individual good. This means that if the group makes a
decision, the individual per se will not be able to subvert it. Only if the whole group decides
otherwise, then decisions can change.
37. Democracy, Media and Power serving Greed
The decision process requires information so that a wiser decision is made. We know
that the current trend is that decisions should be made democratically.
We were taught that democracy is the best decision-making process, because it is
participatory and everyone has the right to vote, and the vote of a poor man is equal to that of
a rich man.
Nevertheless, democracy presumes honesty, but we know that politicians are, in their
majority, professional thieves, who have chosen the political career so that they can steal in
the most efficient and big way possible.
Alongside politicians, on the top of society, there are interest groups who, motivated by
greed (always greed!) try their best to get most benefits quickly.
In this group we can find successful entrepreneurs, Justice makers, leaders, and those
who, one way or another, have control over power. In this group we can also include
caciques, and the journalists who sell themselves for the price of writing biased news or
38. How to neutralise Greed: reducing Power, and stopping Corruption and the
material earnings of the powerful
The root of the problem is in greed.
Can we end greed? No. Because the human being is an imperfect animal and, as such,
despite being intelligent it is also instinctive, and the instinct of survival, strength and will to
control is stronger than itself, that is, it is stronger than the instinct of preserving the group.
How to end this corruptive process that destroys the works of a society and favours
only a few individuals?
There is only one solution: not letting the power to extend beyond certain limits.
How can we do it?
Given that it is impossible to ensure that someone is honest forever, we must create
mechanisms for checks and balances that may impede these men from getting corrupted while
doing their job. This is a process that is hard to accomplish because the inner workings of the
government are secretive and it is impossible to discern all the reasons behind a leader’s
Even if they, or their families or friends, don’t get immediate benefit they might be
rewarded in the near, or somewhat distant, future.
Therefore, there are only two ways to stop the commandeering, opportunism, and
nepotism in the present and future.
The first way is to control the material wealth of each individual. No one should
possess more or less than the others.
However, communism has proved to be an awkward utopia. In the communist regimes
the power holders keep it through policies of fear and torture. They subjugate and are unfair.
The police and the courts work for them.
Actually, this happens in all dictatorships, independently of political regimes.
The leaders and their families become infinitely wealthy, stealing and embezzling,
direct or indirect, from the State’s Treasury, which is property of the People.
We understand well that they do it preventively: if there is a revolution in their country,
even if they are caught and sentenced to death, at least some of their relatives will survive or
run away, and will have access, one way or another, to the fortune, the inherited money,
which will allow them to have some leeway and surviving chances which otherwise they
wouldn’t have.
39. The Freedom fallacy
The humans, being animals, need to feel free.
We know that there is no such thing as pure freedom. Pure freedom is, in itself, an
utopia, because the existence has its own limitations, and freedom doesn’t take any
40. Slavery and servility: the Man-machine
Human society demands protection from the evil caused by some of its degenerate
members. Wealth is destructive, because it enslaves and turns every person that produces it
into machines. So, what should be done? This is a difficult issue, because the human
behaviour accepts neither shackles nor confinement.
The answer we can give, as of now, is that it is impossible to reach this ideal in the
over-machined societies we have created.
This conclusion is as simple as 1+1=2.
We have created monstrous cities with diabolical machines, where humans are debased
and turned into robots in order to survive, and reach a gradual state of development. Those
humans must compete among themselves so that they can get a job, promotions, and
eventually climb the social ladder.
Economic liberalism makes us believe that this is the only way for if there is no
competition or any pressure, the incompetent will mix up with the competent ones, and the
later will no longer care about results, which would cause severe social stagnation.
41. Social security of the group above that of the individual
Everyone can have similar incomes, regardless of their function in society, as long as it
is liable to change, to allow for reorganisation. How to change it? Let’s make it simple, the
same way we do for complex math problems, as we were taught in school. What if we
simplified it to the limit, going back 100,000 years?
Let’s picture ourselves in Africa, still gatherers, subject to the scarceness caused by
droughts, and by the competition of other tribes and clans… We are few but still what we
have is insufficient, and it is barely enough for half the population… The defeated tribes had
to move away and search for other lands… They migrated until they have spread throughout
the Earth… To such an extent that nowadays even Greenland is becoming populated given
the melting of the North Pole.
42. Advantages of a small community where everybody knows each other
The crux of the problem is the food and energetic resources and the procurement of
essential goods.
Next come secondary needs and, after that come the luxury and comfort pleasures, and
finally, the vices and the madness.
If a society is small enough, no individual or group will be able to impose its will,
unless a secret association is formed in order to control it. And the will to control is always
associated with greed. It is, however, arguably easier to have harmony in a small community
of a few hundred people than in one city of 20 million inhabitants…
We have suggested the first solution. We should make it simple, make it less complex,
distribute the human society into small communities of just a few hundred people, completely
autonomous politically, socially, economically, judicially and financially.
We know that given the complexity of the contemporary society it is impossible for a
small community to be completely autonomous. Maybe it won’t have everything available
but that is where the society will work as a whole, with different sectors being developed in
different communities, which will help build a more balanced and fair society.
This would be a possible solution.
43. Advantages of electronic, automatic, real-time, independent patrolling,
investigation, criminalisation and trial of humans
The other solution appears to be more complex and difficult. It is the solution that
concerns the electronic, automatic patrolling and investigation, and the criminalisation and
trial of citizens who are corrupt and cheat the society. This solution is already possible,
through means of investigation and control of law enforcement software, resourcing to
This is a much more difficult and complex process, because those who control the
passwords of the computer systems would theoretically be able to manipulate them and trick
the whole society in favour of a certain group. On the other hand, physical money could be
replaced by electronic money: a simple card, or fingerprint, or even by iris recognition, or the
body’s magnetic field, or voice recognition, or breath (DNA analysis), would work for all
financial transactions.
For example: let’s imagine that the society decides to outlaw capital accumulation, and
whoever owns more than X, or has over Y will have to revert the surplus to the society.
Who will control this process? Who will supervise it? Can we be guaranteed that they
will do it impartially?
In a society with millions of people, citizens feel so small that they can’t even imagine
or believe they will ever have enough to check whatever and they end up leaving the leaders
they have elected to solve these issues, believing and trusting that they do it honestly and in a
proper manner. This, according to figures gathered around the world, is not always the case.
But computerisation, together with system supervision software, which would ring
some alarms, would replace the Prosecution Office and the Courts, imposing fines and
penalties, and would be so sophisticated that it would be impossible for humans to deceive it.
This process wouldn’t mean the domination of machine over man, but rather the
control of the individual by the group, as to protect all citizens, using computer and
information technologies.
This system would be fool proof and as such no one would be able to evade tax
payments. It would be Optimal.
But how could we supervise those who control power, the government leaders, who
have been democratically elected, but after gaining power, usurp it and use it to their own
We should not be misled as we know very well this is how it works. It is proper of
Human Nature to be imperfect and have more vices than virtues…
The great prophets all have taught us that, all have despised wealth and preached
kindness and love thy neighbour. But those who believed in them and practice accordingly,
ended up being plundered by those very thieves who take advantage of others’ kindness.
Amid all the species, is there forgiveness for betrayal, except for the human society?
Betraying a fellow is despicable and should be severely punished. But should the betrayal of a
society by one of its members call for a severe and final punishment?
44. Punishing betrayal
The introduction of the death penalty would instil fear in any potential traitor of the
society, deterring almost everybody in his or her sound mind from risking anything at all.
Another severe punishment could be total ostracism on a desert island.
45. The New World
We also know that among the planet’s population of seven billion there are all kinds of
people: cultured, ignorant, capable and plain stupid. How can we fit so much diversity in a
new society? We can’t assume that this new society would be a Paradise, and that everyone
would be an angel, sporting true wisdom.
In that New World there would be no Countries or State.
There will be only one democratic organisation, with a Government elected by the
world population that would manage the Law, Economy, Social Solidarity, Health, Sport,
Culture, Safety, etc.
This abolition of borders will allow for the complete control of all capital flows,
because without borders there will be no tax havens or money laundering.
Apart from the control of the accumulation of wealth, that is, apart from eliminating
wealth and greed, the wealth accumulated by the State would go to promote the education of
the uncultured and the elimination of poverty and misery.
This wealth would also be directed to the financing of decent housing for everyone in
need of it. The housing units would be paid with interests, but everyone would be, by
principle, entitled to it, as long as willing to pay for it.
In order to pay, they would need income from jobs. It is evident that the income, the
outcome of each one’s work, would be unavoidable until machines could completely replace
the humans in their daily tasks.
46. Greed and machined-men
It is curious, but also abominable, that the greed of some, for reasons of production
increase and profit, prefers to employ machines, to providing jobs and livelihood to humans,
because machines are more efficient, and can produce more wealth, faster!
The manipulation of citizens with misleading advertising, so as to enslave consumers is
also abominable. Superfluous consumption and ruthless competition are two evils to root out
from society.
Again, the animal kingdom gives us a better example: animals don’t accumulate more
than they actually need neither grow more than what Nature allows. Why don’t we do the
same? Limiting wealth, the exponential growth, the capital, the population, the acceleration
and overheating of the economy, etc. Why don’t we go back to the pace of a few centuries
ago, when we used to see the sun rise and set, enjoyed the birds singing, the beauty of the day
and night?
Furthermore, with education we would have everything it provides. Look at what
happens in socially developed countries, such as Denmark, where people would spend a few
days per month philosophising on the meaning of life, and what they want to accomplish. In
Denmark all cash movements are made transparently.
47. The nearing War
But can anyone advocate that it is possible to reach that stage, that New World? There
is no doubt that, within a few years, with increasingly fewer resources and an increasing
population, we will be compelled to wage war. And when there is no dialogue, or mutual
understanding, or a possible agreement between two parties, small conflicts turn into fullscale wars!! Decisions are imposed by force, as it happens amid the beasts.
We absolutely must defend ourselves against those imminent dangers. We are born
with genetic diversity, but no one is richer than the neighbour. We are born with a living
body, but none of us comes out of the womb with money in the pockets…
There are now theories that DNA has a memory, the spiritual genome, based on the
spin of the 7th electron of the nitrogen’s atom.
We know that in the animal world the strongest prevail, and, for that reason, they
possess privileges, forsaking the weaker ones, for example being the first ones to eat the prey,
or in mating.
Amid the humans, many societies still function that way.
But do we want to continue being like that? We know that this is how we behave,
because it is our genetic inheritance, notwithstanding being an advanced species of Nature.
That doesn’t mean that we have to behave like that, and actually, even though Nature has
made us like that, she is also imperfect because she has been based, from the very beginning,
in the principle of evolution, natural selection and sexual selection.
Man still bears in his bodily frame
the indelible stamp of his lowly origin.
48. Let’s destroy the international thieves
I don’t want to sound pessimist, but worse than feeding the occasional national robber
baron – whom we tolerate because it is “part of tradition” – is to become sweetly enslaved by
invisible international thieves without even noticing. They don’t know it either, or don’t care
about it, because c’est la vie, and because they are investors and they have been successful,
and they live off – knowingly or not, they don’t really care – others’ work. Economically
speaking, mankind is currently better than ever: ever since the French Revolution up until
today Liberty, Equality and Fraternity are values that are still spreading throughout the
World, together with unbridled economic liberalism that has never before produced so many
nouveau riche, all around the world, at the expense of the many millions who supply cheap
work force and are intelligently capable to allow themselves to be exploited, but with no
chance to rebel.
In contrast the planet will soon be out of resources, and in 50 years time we will need
two Earths to feed mankind.
49. Let’s destroy the national thieves
I ask myself: who is complaining about? Of the thieves who, following their calling,
decided to be politicians, still the usual opportunists, living at the expense of the State,
because they have been elected by the People to lead them. And the People endure them
because they simply don’t want to bother?
Because the so-called democracy assumes that those gentlemen are accountable, and
we forget that their sophistication allows for them to steal unpunished, without it actually
being called a robbery? Of those investors that feed a universal spider that eats us away.
Or should we complain about ourselves, who are comfortably numb watching all these
events through brilliant monitors?
An insurgency is not enough! We need a revolution! The result will be full war
between countries, if we don’t rebel before that and don’t fulfil the Revolution!
What Revolution? If all the Revolutions we have made so far have failed, be it partial
or total, whether with a humanist or monstrous ideal?
The French Revolution, Russian Revolution, Nazi Revolution, Industrial Revolution,
Maoist Revolution, and the many others that have failed?
We have to make it, even though it is hard to define its ideological and political
We only know for sure what we do NOT want: we don’t want to be ruled by thieves
(generally speaking, all over the world, rulers are thieves by calling, who have chosen the
political power as it is the most efficient way to steal); we don’t want to see greed being
applauded and fed by a system that idolises, universally, economic liberalism, and that
combined with the acceleration and optimisation of all the production processes, helped by
scientific and technological progress, will provoke Earth’s breakdown.
Wealth, Justice and Power still join forces to control the People!
50. Happiness and Unhappiness
When we were children we believed in Happiness: the Happiness of living in harmony
with Nature, of loving it, of contemplating and of being fed through it.
Now, when we ask our youths about their perspectives for the future they tell us that
they have none because the future is increasingly darker.
They have no hope, no will, they only want to enjoy life while they still can, and they
spit on the present that has raised them.
The biblical story of the apple seems to be increasingly true.
Science has been used by Man, for Good and Evil deeds, but even though the Good
always wins over Evil, when there are wars, Evil apparently is using a new strategy: the same
technique used by the HIV virus.
Each one of us is unconsciously transforming into one cancerous cell, which will lead
to the destruction of the living resources, and to the Death of Life on Earth. To a point that
someone has already written that when there is no food on Earth, the poor people will
cannibalize the wealthy.
Why should I care about dying if I can believe that there are many generations to come
after thousands of years? However, if I am confronted by the certainty that the human species
will destroy all Life on Earth, would I rather wish that the human species had never existed
or, at least, would succumb to its own folly before it could cause that Apocalypse?
What is really at stake, at this time, apart from everything else, or above anything else,
is not just the Future of Mankind, but the Future of Entire Life on Earth.
51. Global Village
We are already a global village. Why not to have also a global vision?
According to the economists, the wrongs of the developed economies, (that is, the
unemployment due to the flight of investors to other countries where their greed is best
satisfied) become positives to the countries who want to be developed, and where those
investors have decided to bet their money.
When the developed countries become undeveloped, and vice-versa, the investment
flow will again be reversed…
We have only one solution, if we really want to ensure a liveable future for next
generations: create laws on a global scale, a Worldwide Constitution. But for that we have to
end the exploitation of man by man and upheld our own trends.
For a start, we should clean our own human nature from the worst evils (instincts that
have resisted ever since the times of Wilderness) to what we call ‘intrinsic qualities’ of the
human being, to improve its comfort and that of its neighbours which can cause our own
destruction: lust, greed, jealousy, pride, contempt for the neighbour and other living species
and for Nature, besides excessive eagerness and arrogance.
We should also fight our innate trends, so that we can nurture in ourselves the gift, the
will to help the others, the equanimity, the humility, the respect for the others, for other living
species, for Nature, the sobriety, and the modesty.
We should set stronger laws than those of the law of instinct, that allow for the
permanent defence of the group against the individual.
Life on Earth should be prioritised and therefore no species, even the human species,
should be able to survive in detriment of other species.
Why don’t we just cut off the lies, the greed and the contempt for others once and for
all, and choose the wise men of our societies to lead them, the great wise men of all human
activity fields: philosophy, science, religion, replacing the lords that take advantage of a
fallacy, called Political Science, and other fallacies called political ideology and parties. Then
we would be able to end dictatorships as well as democracies, and to establish an organisation
in which Power is set, above all, on respect for the true values of Life on Earth, first, and
Mankind, last.
What are we without Life on Earth? Life has billions of years, and we, who foolishly
claim the end of evolution of the Universe, are, after all, a shamefully recent species, in terms
of cosmic evolution, something like ‘the last second of the hour that has just ended’, but
nevertheless at the risk of destroying the entire evolution process. We cannot take this, even if
the ‘Good and Evil of the apple story’ are supposed to be true.
Finally, concerning the plan and path of life of each one of us, let’s ask ourselves:
If we are just a drop of water, although living and intelligent, what is more important:
Is it the Ocean from where we originated, and to where we will eventually return?
Or is it the path we make in the clouds of which we are part, between the Ocean and
the mountain, and after, between the mountain and the ocean?
In the ocean we are all like identical drops of water. As we are in rivers, in gravitydriven courses only.
But where is the real difference: in the path we make, be it in the currents of the ocean
or in the river’s flows…
In our case, as human beings, the most important thing is to have the courage to
sacrifice our own Life for the Group, and for the coming generations! If necessary, to fight
with weapons and every other means, against our greedy, thievish and corrupt enemies.
Life on Earth is at a serious risk.
If we cannot change the course of things by peaceful means, we will have to do it
resorting to War. And if we don’t immediately begin to organise ourselves, the capitalist
leaders, the powerful, will corrupt the systems to such an extent that we, the common goodwilled citizens, will be killed by their supporters, only for them to keep their quality of life
and comfort!
We must act now! We cannot let the capital holders of the hook nor the corrupt
politicians that open the doors for them.
In brief, our enemies are the enemies of Life on Earth:
The capitalists, holders of capital, manipulators and traffickers of capital, who cause an
unsustainable growth by exploring manpower for economic expansion, and the
exploitation of man by man.
The corrupt governments and politicians who sell out to the capital holders, and become
capital holders themselves.
The judges who rule in favour of the holders of capital and political power, and who
protect and cover them up, and become equity holders themselves.
The police who oppress the insurgent populations.
The armies that protect the leaders mentioned from 1 to 4.
The religious leaders who protect those mentioned from 1 to 5.
All of those who have disrespected the equality of rights of the Earth’s species and
humans in general.