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My clothing habits

My clothing habits
Hello! My name is Patricia. I’m a 28-year-old young woman. I am a
businesswoman; I am always well-dressed. I usually wear blue or black trousers or
a pair of jeans with a white blouse and red high-heel shoes in the street. When I go
to the theatre or the church, I normally put on an elegant light-coloured dress with
black high-heel shoes. I am really interested in clothes. I follow the fashion too. I
buy new clothes every season in the shopping centre. I enjoy wearing a necklace,
rings and earrings too but I don’t like too much make-up. I have a favourite
handbag. It is very elegant so I take it everywhere.
At home, I generally wear comfortable clothes. For instance, a tracksuit or
shorts with a comfortable T-shirt and slippers. I go to the gym to do aerobics three
times a week. In the gym, I usually wear a T-shirt or a top with a pair of leggings
and trainers.
Anyway, I hate winter because it is cold. I need to wear a lot of clothes. For
example, a pullover, a waistcoat, a pair of trousers, a pair of boots and a winter
coat with a warm cap and a scarf. I do not like rainy weather either. I don’t like
wearing my windbreaker and rubber boots. At night, I I don’t like pyjamas, I prefer
to wear nightgowns when I sleep.
Read the text carefully and do the following tasks
1. Check the key words underlined in the text and write 5-7 words in each category in the
chart below. Look for the unknown vocabulary in a dictionary if necessary.
2. Answer the following questions using complete sentences
a. What does Patricia usually wear in the street?
b. What kind of clothes does she wears when she goes to theatre or the church?
What does she like to wear at home?
d. What does she wear for the gym?
Listening comprehension
Listen to the video until minute 1:09, and answer the questions below. What are they
David is wearing _________________________________________________________________
What does Bob never wear? ________________________________________________________
What is Bob wearing today? ________________________________________________________
What is Roberta wearing? __________________________________________________________
Who is wearing a cute blue dress and blue sandals? _____________________________________
What is Tess wearing? ____________________________________________________________
How does Tess look like today? _____________________________________________________
Blue suit