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past simple act1

A. Complete the sentences. Use the past simple of the verbs in
1) My sister ___went_____ (go) to the cinema yesterday.
2) He ___doesn’t like_______ (not like) football, so he __played______
(play) voleyball.
3) He ____broke___ (break) the window when he __was_____ (be) 5.
4) My mum _was_____ (be) very angry because we __came_____
(come) home very late.
5) She _told_____ (tell) me the problem with her mum and I
_helped______ (help) her.
6) They _didn’t visit_ (not visit) the museum of the town, they
_preffered__ (preffer) going to the funfair.
7) __did___ they __visit____ (visit) their grandparents yesterday?
8) Who _did___ you _be____ (be) with when the accident happen?
B. Complete the sentences. Use the past continuous form of the
verbs in brackets.
1) I _was studying__ (study) Science for my test.
2) He _wasn´t doing__ (not do) his homework.
3) They __weren’t playing_ (not play) rugby because they think is
4) _were_ they _listening__ (listen) to music when you opened the
5) She __was going__ (go) to the cinema, but her friends didn’t come.
6) That boy _was playing_ (play) the violin very well. Maybe, he __was
having__ (have) musical classes.
7) Jane, David and Polly _werebwatching____ (watch) TV when the light
turned off.
8) I _was beginning___ (begin) my English project when my sister fall.
C. Complete the text. Use past simple and continuous.
It _was____ (be) a rainy day of November.
We ___came_______ (come) from school at 2 o’clock.
We __weren´t______ (not be) very hungry but we _were_____
(be) too cold. While we __were walking___ (walk) with
my umbrella, we _found__ (find) a coin. It _wasn’t____
(not be) a normal coin, it __was___ (be) a strange coin.
We _weren’t continue (not continue) walking. We ___
(be) a bit nervous. What should we do? Maybe, we
had___ to (have) put the coin where we __found____ (find)
it. We __did___ (do) this. We __were walking__ (walk) on the street,
when a tall man __asked__ (ask) us for the coin. We _told_____
(tell) him that the coin _was____ (be) at the beginning of the
street. We __knew_______ (know) what __happened____
(happen), so we _were continuing_______ (continue) walking.