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Gatsby - Unit Exam

The Great Gatsby – Unit Exam
Character Descriptions – match the following characters to his or her correct descriptions.
Daisy Buchanan
Jay Gatsby
Meyer Wolfsheim
George Wilson
Nick Carraway
Henry Gatz
Tom Buchanan
a. Myrtle Wilson
b. Jordan Baker
c. Owl Eyes
1. Nick’s mysterious and wealthy neighbor.
2. Woman loved by the main character.
3. Nick’s old college classmate.
4. The narrator.
5. Tom Buchanan’s mistress.
6. A golfer and semi-serious love interest of Nick.
7. Business partner of Gatsby; fixed the 1919 World Series.
8. Piano-playing boarder; calls Gatsby’s house for shoes he left.
9. The sister of Tom Buchanan’s mistress.
10. Stays up comforting George Wilson after the death of his wife.
Quotes – choose the character described by each of the following quotes.
a. Gatsby
b. Tom
c. Jordan
d. Daisy
e. Myrtle
a. Catherine
11. “It was a body capable of enormous leverage—a cruel body.”
12. “…she carried her surplus flesh sensuously as some women can.”
13. “Her voice is full of money.”
Quotes – choose the character that SPOKE each of the following lines.
a. Gatsby
b. Tom
c. Jordan
d. Daisy
e. Myrtle
a. Nick
“You’re a rotten driver…Either you ought to be more careful or you oughtn’t to drive at all.”
“I hope she’ll be a fool – that’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.”
“By God, I may be old-fashioned in my ideas, but women run around too much these days to suit me.”
“They’re a rotten crowd. You’re worth the whole damn bunch put together.”
“Oh, you want too much! I love you now—isn’t that enough?”
“He was crazy enough to kill me if I hadn’t told him who owned the car.”
True or False – mark “a” for true, “b” for false.
20. Gatsby’s real name is James Gatz.
21. Nick Carraway’s father said that all people are
born with the same advantages.
22. West Egg is less fashionable than East Egg.
23. Gatsby buys a mansion in West Egg so he can be
near the sea.
24. Tom Buchanan comes from a wealthy family.
25. Tom is a man with strong prejudices.
26. Myrtle Wilson is a cultivated, refined woman.
27. Gatsby’s parties are small and elegant.
28. Jordan tells Nick of Gatsby’s love for Daisy.
29. It is Jordan who reunites Gatsby and Daisy.
30. Gatsby shows Nick evidence of his bravery in
the war.
31. Daisy is driving the car when it hits Myrtle.
32. Tom Buchanan shoots Gatsby.
33. Tom Buchanan furnishes Wilson with the
information that leads to the death of Gatsby.
34. Wolfsheim is significant because he is the only
friend to attend Gatsby’s funeral.
Multiple Choice – for each of the following, choose the BEST answer.
35. The time that this story is set in is frequently referred
to as the
A. Jazz Age
B. Age of Classicism
C. Romantic Age
D. Realism Age
36. Nick learns that Jordan cheats at
A. Tennis
B. Golf
C. Bridge
D. Polo
37. For a short time, Gatsby attended
A. Cambridge
B. Oxford
C. Heidelberg
D. Harvard
41. When Myrtle sees Jordan with Tom, she thinks that
Jordan is
A. His wife
B. Another lover
C. A casual friend
D. His sister
42. When Wilson first learns that Myrtle is unfaithful, he
wants to
A. Kill her
B. Kill her lover
C. Take her far away
D. Divorce her
38. Nick describes Tom and Daisy as
A. Foolish and helpless
B. Frightened and lonely
C. Careless and destructive
D. The playboy and blondie
43. How is Gatsby killed?
A. Wilson stabs him while Gatsby lounges on his
back lawn
B. Tom shoots him in the back as Gatsby tries to
leave with Daisy
C. Tom accidentally runs Gatsby over with his car
and doesn’t stop
D. Wilson shoots him while Gatsby lounges in his
39. The Wilson’s garage is in
A. A poor section of East Egg
B. The Valley of Ashes
C. A slum of New York
D. A shopping mall
44. Gatsby lives
A. Simply
B. Extravagantly
C. Moderately
D. By the “Code of the West”
40. George Wilson learns about his wife’s affair when he
A. Overhears a telephone conversation
B. Finds an expensive dog collar
C. Finds the key to her secret apartment
D. Hires a private detective
45. Gatsby’s father is
A. Awed and impressed by his son’s success
B. Scornful and ashamed of his son’s lifestyle
C. Proud of his son, even though he knows all about
his underhanded business dealings
D. Dead
46. James Gatz is
A. Daisy’s Cousin
B. Gatsby’s piano player
C. Gatsby’s real name
D. Gatsby’s neighbor
47. Gatsby gets out of a ticket by showing a police officer
A. a fifty dollar bill
B. a Christmas card from the police commissioner
C. the damage done to the front fender of his car
D. his award medals from the war
48. When Nick tells Gatsby, “You can’t repeat the past,”
Gatsby replies,
A. “Of course you can.”
B. “After all I’ve done? That’s nonsense.”
C. “I’d never thought of that before, Old Sport.”
D. “Just watch me.”
49. What do the eyes of Dr. T.J. Eckleburg symbolize?
A. the need to have one’s glasses replaced
B. the dirty side of town
C. that people’s morals are corrupt
D. the eyes of God
50. Myrtle Wilson’s nose is broken by
A. Tom when she spends $10 on a puppy
B. Tom when she won’t stop saying Daisy’s name
C. George when he finds out she’s cheating on him
D. George when he locks her in the bedroom
51. The expression “and the holocaust was complete”
refers to
A. Myrtle’s death
B. Wilson and Gatsby’s death
C. Tom and Daisy Buchanan’s death
D. the death of Gatsby’s dream
52. The character who, according to Gatsby, “fixed the
world series” is
A. Meyer Wolfsheim
B. Klipspringer
C. Owl Eyes
D. Tom Buchanan
53. When Myrtle was killed, the car that hit her belonged
to and was driven by
A. Belonged to Gatsby; was driven by Tom
B. Belonged to Tom; was driven by Daisy
C. Belonged to Gatsby; was driven by Jordan
D. Belonged to Gatsby; was driven by Daisy
54. Even though Nick says that Gatsby represented
“everything for which I have an unaffected scorn,” he
still admires him because
A. he had so much money, and no one knew how he
made it all
B. he had an extraordinary gift for hope, a romantic
readiness such as he has never found in anyone
C. he was “an Oxford man,” and Nick also went to
school there
D. he never truly associated with those that attended
his parties, remaining distant and aloof
55. What is significant about the eyes of Dr. T.J.
A. they only watch; they remain distant and
uninvolved revealing the same about God
B. they show that God and the rules of morality and
religion are dead in modern society
C. both choices “a” and “b”
D. none of the above
56. What is most significant about the Valley of Ashes?
A. it represents the wasteland that the world is
becoming as its morals and values fall apart
B. it is the place that connects East and West Egg
C. it is where George and Myrtle Wilson live
D. it is present day Queens, NY
57. Why is the color “green” important in The Great
A. it symbolizes a person’s ability to achieve great
things in the modern era
B. it symbolizes lust and jazz music
C. it symbolizes greed, jealously, corruption and
D. there are many objects that are colored green in
the novel
58. In chapter 1, what does the green light at the end of
Daisy’s dock symbolize for Gatsby?
A. Gatsby’s hopes and dreams for the future
B. the end of Daisy’s dock
C. an idea that Gatsby thinks he can never achieve
D. an obstacle that he must get past
59. What is significant about the rapid change in weather
during the final two chapters of the novel?
A. When Gatsby still possesses a chance to achieve
his dream, the weather is extremely hot.
B. When Gatsby’s dream begins to die, the weather
suddenly turns much cooler, and fall begins.
C. both choices “a” and “b”
D. none of the above
60. What is one of the main themes of The Great Gatsby?
A. keep your dreams alive, no matter the cost
B. work hard for what you want
C. don’t drive too fast, and watch the road carefully
D. wealth leads to corruption