ESTILO INDIRECTO (Reported Speech) Oraciones

ESTILO INDIRECTO (Reported Speech)
Oraciones enunciativas
1. Diferencia entre SAY y TELL:
o “Sue loves Peter” Mary. → Mary said (that) Sue loved Peter./He said to me..
o “Sue loves Peter” Mary. → Mary told me (that) Sue loved Peter.
2. Cambio de tiempos verbales, pronombres personales y adverbios:
o “I didn’t phone you yesterday” Tom. → Tom said (that) he hadn’t phoned
me the day before/ the previous day.
o “I will go with you now, Ana” Daniel. → Daniel told Ana (that) he would
go with her then.
1. WH-questions:
o “Why are you running?” Tom. → Tom asked (me) why I was running.
o “Where does Mary live?” Peter. → Peter wanted to know where Mary lived.
2. YES/NO-questions:
o “Do you like pizza?” Clara. → Clara wanted to know IF/WHETHER I liked
o “Is she a good teacher?” Tom. → Tom wondered IF/WHETHER she was a
good teacher.
* no se utiliza THAT!!!
Órdenes y Peticiones
1. Afirmativas:
o “Open the window, Mary” Tom. → Tom ordered Mary TO OPEN the
o “Please, sit down” John. → John asked me TO SIT DOWN.
2. Negativas:
o “Don’t give me the news!” Ana. → Ana ordered NOT TO GIVE her the
o “Don’t shout at me!” Peter. → Peter said NOT TO SHOUT at him.
* no se utiliza THAT!!
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