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Alice an interactive museum walkthrough

Alice: An Interactive Museum Walkthrough
You can exit the game by using Ctrl-Q.
Kaneko's Room
The game starts outside the door to Kaneko's Room.
Click and enter.
Click on the puddle, click on the cabinet, click on the book and
then the picture.
Investigate, as there is much to see and interact with.
Go through the French doors to his desk.
Try playing the Pajama Game record.
Exit the room by turning on the TV.
When you are done looking around, click on the rabbit and a
large rabbit will appear.
Click on him and you will enter the First Room.
Throughout the house you will find a deck of cards.
Each card provides a clue to find another card or to the game
as a whole or to something to explore.
The location of cards and the clues the reveal are as follows:
First Room
Vase of roses.
Strange Potions: Drink me, don’t drink me. Very strange
potions in two green bottles.
On the table. Click on lamp and solve puzzle. Entrance to
Darkroom appears.
Five Cards: A round of light floats in the dark. Ceiling, floor and
four walls in six paintings hide five cards.
Dried roses. Click on butterfly when it lands.
Little Checkered Box: Spyglass looks out to sea, spyglass to
spyglass looking out on the sea, in the lighthouse window, a painting.
Click on the globe and then on the checkered box.
Tears to Smile: Teams, Sears, stars, Tears turn into a smile.
There are 4 walls, ceiling, and floor. Five cards in this room. To
exit room, click on exit sign near tennis player, but it doesn't always
say exit. If you don't pick up the flashlight, you can exit room to the
Dog's nose.
Empty Glass: One glass falls, one leaves a hand, catch them
both before they shatter.
Wall with empty glasses.
Needlework: Six spools scattered on the floor, one white spool
suspended in air.
Spool of Thread
Parlor Game: Rolling ball, flying ball, ball in outstretched hand. The
game is to find the ball.
Tennis Ball
Visitor: A sudden visitor, lying on a snow white sheet, the
hunting dog scents the smell of death.
On art work table
Fifty-three Cards: Twelve rooms with forty-eight hidden cards,
to these add four kings and a single joker.
Shelf with many magazines. Click on yellow scallop shell.
Rabbit Hole: Behind a closed door a rabbit hole. Track the
rabbit to where it’s at. Run from the rabbit to its hole.
On a picture of two bodies in book leaning against a wall on
shelf above red table.
Lost in the Woods: Outside a window, a wood. She lives here in
her house. Chase the rabbit hole to the woods.
On a book under the easel. Click on book next to it.
Atelier: A photo on an easel leads to the atelier. There beneath
an easel turn the pages to the cellar.
Tea Room
Click on bush and then on clock in the picture to the left.
Mad Tea Party: Dormouse, hatter, and March hare. At six
begins the tea party, at the strike of six it ends.
Click on smoke from the pipe.
Alice’s Bar: The other door to the bar, silk hat wrapped in
smoke, silk hat to silk hat, tea party to bar counter.
Click on clock above the door.
Leaves of Green: Spreading leaves of green. Spreading boughs
of green. The clock and starts to spin.
Click on clock. Click to open. Click on bottom of clock where the
back meets the left side. Click on key and then wind clock till door
closes. Click on pendulum to start swinging and then click on the six.
Silk Hats: The Hatter’s silk hat, silk hat on table, silk hat
floating up and down, the fourth silk hat wrapped in smoke.
In the three pictures on the wall. Turn on the lights first.
Red and Green Glass Balls: Peanuts, ice in a tumbler, four glass
balls on the bar, red and green with green.
Picture at end of bar with two nudes. Click on red ball on the
floor, then on red ball on floor left, then on red ball in the wall.
Peanuts: Peanuts drop, shrinking now, look down the bar, the
peanuts are bigger.
The white rose.
Game of Marbles: The glass balls lead to the casino, red for
poker, yellow for slots, a blue to put in the kinescope.
Picture at end of bar with egg.
Three Paintings: Three lights on three men. A ricket, a crown,
and three dogs, the men begin to slowly move.
Poker game. Play the game twice and it will appear.
Cards in Painting: The ace of hearts, the cards begin to move.
Right and left the ace of hears. Ace of hearts to joker turns.
Slot machine. Click in opening on left side when coins drop in
right side.
The roulette wheel.
Feather Darts: Black, blue, green, red, white, and yellow follow
each other in alphabetical order.
In the kinescope.
Game of Chance: Spin the dial, coins in three colors: poker,
slots, and kinescope.
Salle de Coiffure
Click on the mirror. Click on the bird from the sky. When
another sky appears, click on the bird again. This puzzle may not
work on a fast computer.
Haircut: The quill pen signs Alice’s name, blue pen, blue Alice,
red pen, red Alice, red signature and the king of hearts.
Three way mirror. Turn on light and open mirror. Click on lower
left of left mirror. Turn the men until they face frontward and you can
clearly see the bottle in hand of man in middle mirror. Click on bottle
and then on spot on floor. Then click on the inner mirror which
Rose petals: Gently fall the rose petals and with them down
comes Alice.
Round mirror
Alice as Rabbit: Beyond a door closed tight, Alice in a rabbit
skin, hand in hand with bonny hand.
Picture of man and woman in orange. Click on lipstick. Click on
writing. Click on mirror which appears.
Red Alice: Blue bottle and red, blue wring and red, blue Alice
turns into Alice in red.
Photo Studio
Close curtains, click on white background low left, click on
camera and compose picture of person on a background. Click on
new picture behind camera.
Reclining man on easel background.
Rabbit Dial: Dealer’s straight, Alice’s royal flush, the joker tells
the number for the rabbit dial.
Standing man on sky.
Four Galleries: Four winding galleries, leading to the next,
spade and heart, heart and club, club and diamond, diamond and
Girl and diamond on tree.
Rabbit Joker: Locked fast in the last door, the last card, the
rabbit joker. The joker is the trump card to open the door.
Girl on flowers.
Poker Table: To the poker table, from heart to joker, ace of
heart to rabbit joker.
Last Room
On door to Last Room
Beheaded: Off with her head! Off with her head. The red queen
orders a beheading. Flickering flames in the fireplace.
On door to Last Room
Shards of Glass: An egg born of fire hovers in the air, shatters,
cuts like shards of glass.
On door to Last Room
Ladder: A ladder extends up into the sky. A hand reaches out
and off falls Alice’s slipper.
On door to Last Room
Outdoors: Pool of tears. Then off to the woods. And back for a
dip in the pool of tears.
Back wall, first picture click on fork and then on fish.
Lobster Quadrille: The main course is lobster quadrille. On the
table after eating, a knife and fork.
Picture with propeller. Click on shirt and then click again to
Sacred Fish: Three fish in three paintings. The sacred fish at
ears nuts, the sacred fish that is speared, the sacred fish that turns
into a card.
On plate.
Rabbit Sommelier: Wine labels, long-eared sommelier, wine list
and Alice’s own wine cellar.
Order lobster and eat. Click on knife and fork. Click on man
twice to get concierge. Sign check and then click on the small rabbit
at bottom of check.
Fruit Figure: A picture of cherries on a blue shirt, with the
cherries spin, with the cherries stop.
Egg picture. Right hand left hand. Pull the thread 3 times each
and then 3 times 3.
Turtle Soup: A great pot of bubbling turtle soup, down at the
bottom the mock turtle lurks.
Picture with animal heads. Click on bowl and then turn the tiles.
Ariadne: Right hand left hand. Pull the thread 3 times each and
then 3 times 3.
Cake. Click on the bottle and then on knife to cut and expose
Cheshire Cat’s Woods: A little wood inside a drawer, in the
night forest the Cheshire cat lives.
Carrot picture by door. Click on little chef and click on angel.
Pomegranate: Bottles on a table filled with the fruit of a
pomegranate, the knife cuts a cake.
Wine cellar
Candles. Light candles and then click on knife and then on crack
in cheese until opening in wall is complete and then click on man
Wine Cellar and Atelier: From cellar to atelier, from atelier to
cellar. Bottle to atelier, page to cellar.
In box.
Cheese and Knife: The light of candle flickers on the wall. A
silhouette appears and the cheese knife moves.
Wine bottle on floor.
Wine List: Vin blanc, vin rouge, and champagne. The sommelier
selects twelve bottles of wine.
Picture of chef juggling bottles. Click on a bottle and then on
bottle again.
Wine Bottle: A chef concealed in a wall and in his hand a bottle
of wine, from wine bottle to atelier.
Extra Cards
Salle de Coiffure. Picture with pen and ink. Sign Alice's name in
blue and red. Click on ink to change color. Click on signature to get
King on wall.
Slipper: Let go the slipper, escape the hand, catch the slipper
and climb the ladder. Eggshells are scattered, over the flagging. On
with the slipper and off to the pool.
Casino. Play the feather dart game. Black, blue, green, red,
white, yellow.
Alice: The twelve rooms, casino and poker wall, Ace of Hearts,
Rabbit Joker and the last door, Rabbit hole, pool of tears, Alice’s
Restaurant. Picture of man behind table (third) .Click on fork
below and then wait until utensils fly upward and out of picture. If
this doesn’t happen try to click on one of the forks while it is at the
top. Exit picture by clicking beside it to see knives and forks on
ceiling. Click to see King.
Ace of hearts: Casino, poker, and a single painting, with the ace
of hearts a card turns, with the ace of hearts a card stops, ace of
hearts to joker turns.
Darkroom. On the ceiling.
Straight: 3 4 5 6 7
Joker Casino. In the picture above the poker table. Click on the
Ace of Hearts and then on Joker.
The Last Door: Three four, five six, seven. Now the king and
mark of the rabbit.
If you have trouble getting through the passageway over the
fireplace, think of the word RESISTANCE. There are three endings to
the game; one actually starts over at the beginning.