Cómo usar “too / not enough” y “too many / too much”

Cómo usar “too / not enough” y “too many / too much”
1.1.- It's too hot today.
(Está muy caliente hoy)
Not enough
2.1.- There is not enough food for everyone.
(No hay suficiente comida para todos)
2.2.- She doesn't have enough money to buy the tablet.
(Ella no tiene suficiente dinero para comprar la tableta)
Too much
3.1.- There's too much noise coming from that house.
(Hay mucho ruido viniendo de esa casa)
3.2.- My sister spends too much money buying online.
(Mi hermana gasta mucho dinero comprando en línea)
Too many
4.1.- There are too many people in the bank.
(Hay muchas personas en el banco)
4.2.- John has too many credit cards.
(Juan tiene muchas tarjetas de crédito)
1. Completa las oraciones con “too much”, “too many”, “enough” y la palabra entre
1.I am not enjoying my job at the moment because I have ____________________. (work)
2. I don't like the soup because there is _______________________ in it. (salt)
3. Her English is not good. She makes ____________________________. (mistakes)
4. We didn't go for a walk because it wasn't _________________________. (warm)
5. I want to make some sandwiches. Have we got ________________________________? (bread)
6. Would you like some more sugar or is your coffee ________________________? (sweet)
7. I didn't see her because there were _____________________ people at the party. (people)
8. We are 11 so there are ____________________________ for a football team. (players)
9. I can't sleep because they are making too _________________________ next door. (noise)
10. Is that chair ______________________________________ or would you like to sit on the sofa?
2. complete las oraciones con “too much”, “too many”, “not enough”
There's____________smoke in here, I can't breathe.
We don't earn_____________money to buy a mansion in Capri
She loved my writing, she said my novel was good____________to win the prize
I know I eat ____________, but I need a lot of energy for my job
I don't think the door is wide ____________for the piano, they'll have to open it up.
_____________money can do harm to young people. Some advice is always necessary.
The kid eat ____________sweets and felt sick afterwards
This cofee is much___________hot for me to drink
I think I've eaten _________________. I need a 'siesta'.
3. Put in something, someone, somewhere or anything, anyone, anywhere into the gaps.
1. I've got ______________ in my eye.
2. There is ________________ at the door.
3. We haven't heard ______________________ about Peter. Is he ill?
4. Do you live ________________________ near Mandy?
5. _________________ wants to see you.
6. Has _______________ seen my bag?
7. My teacher asked me _________________.
8. Can I have _______________ to drink?
9. Don't worry. _________________ can tell you where the post-office in this town is.
10. I don't know ______________________ about it.
11. That house is empty, _________________ lives there
12. Peter has a bad memory. He can't remember ____________________
13. Be quiet! don't say___________________
14. I heard a knock on the door but when I opened it there was ____________________ there
15. 15. I didn't eat ___________________ . I wasn't hungry
16. I don't know about the meeting . ______________________ told me
17. I don't know _________________ about car engines
18. The museum is free. It doesn't cost ____________________ to go in
19. What are you doing this evening? ____________________ , Why?
20. 20. He spoke very fast. I didn't understand _________________________