Subido por Gisselle Vanegas


In the theoretical and ideal framework, objectivity is the keystone of journalism. In
hypothetical terms, news ought to have a balance between competing view points, and a
distinction between journalist’s interpretations and the facts reported, but in practical terms,
news are inevitably biased. In the 21st century, emotions outweigh facts and polarization
interests outweigh truth.
According to Jonathan Holmes, “the days of "objective" reporting – cool, factual, impartial,
unemotional, devoid of adjectives, or personality, or any trace of personal opinion – are well
and truly over”. In this post-truth era, the notion of objective news is seen by many as out of
fashion, so mass media prefer to use rhetoric and alternatives facts than facts to manipulated
public opinion and public actions.
Nowadays, most people –around the world- distrust mass media and consider that they are
biased in their coverage of political issues –and they are right-. All the news sources fall on
the political bias spectrum, either left leaning, centrist –which never ends up being center
because it leans more to the right or the left- or right leaning, but sometimes we focus so
much on the visible that we omit the backdrop that moves that political bias.
News industry has also been undermine by the financial sectors, and within these financial
sectors are the economics elites that tend to control the political and social scenario. For
example, the TV networks are part of a new class of bureaucrats who have a vested interest
in expanding the regulatory activity of the State in private business, so they use the media to
propagate a worldview or to reinforce the establishment.
So we can say that news sources are biased in many ways -ideological, economical, and
political- the owners of mass media has a political partisanship, advertisers or editorial
decision makers have specific interests, news persons as individuals have political values,
journalists want to inject their preferences into news, even us –as readers- look for partial
truths, truths that fit with our line of thoughts. So, there are biased news or there are biased
readers? Because at the end of the day the news is an industry that seeks to sell information.
For this reason there will always be a tension between balance, omission, and objectivity.