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Writing exercise. Essay: Important plant for you

Title: Dulcamara
A nature’s miracle is the plant called Dulcamara. This is a medicinal plant that can be
found in the Ecuador’s wild. For me and people of my country, Ecuador, Dulcamara is one
of the most important plants because its benefits are enormous. It is well known as
excellent medicine, it was discovered by an Ecuadorian doctor, and in the future Ecuador
could have the patent of this medicinal plant and maybe obtain a lot of money for its plant.
First of all, it is well known the Dulcamara’ beneficts as regulator of the inmune system of
the body, as well as improving the condition of patients with catastrophic diseases such as
HIV, cancer, Lupus, and others.
Secondly, Dulcamara is important for Ecuadorians because it was discovered in the wild of
Ecuador by an Ecuadorian doctor, who made a lot of studies before to reveal the properties
of this plant. Dulcamara is used in other countries like Spain and it has demonstrated
excellent results in the treatment of several diseases.
Thirdly, Ecuador is processing the patent of this plant and when it is finally obtained it can
allow the country to commerce the medicine to huge pharmaceutical companies and to gain
a lot of money with this medicinal plant.
To sum up, as Ecuadorians we are proud with of Dulcamara because it is a native plant
from the wild of Ecuador that has been proved to help the condition of critical patients who
have catastrophic diseases, it was discovered by an ecuadorian doctor, and it will allow
Ecuador to obtain a lot of money with the patent of this plant.