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experimental universal
soldier of the United States
Army, GRANT STONE (Graphene
Research Analysis New Testing - Project Stone) A
military man who fell on the battlefield used as a
subject for experimentation on the use of Graphene
compounds, a substance composed of pure carbon,
with atoms organised in a regular hexagonal pattern,
similar to extremely hard graphite (200 times stronger
than steel). in his blood.
After suddenly waking up at a secret military base in
Seattle, Washington, with no memory of his past,
including his true identity, and after discovering a
series of inconsistencies of a program led by high
levels of government who unscrupulous have
experienced in humans without any authorization in
the search to design THE PERFECT SOLDIER, Grant
decides to escape using his new skills, thus becoming
a fugitive from justice and military objective, he will
have to explore his hidden past on his own and
survive the siege of his enemies.
Graphene is the result of the addition to the original
human DNA of Graphene cells, an allotrope of carbon
in the form of a single layer of atoms in a twodimensional hexagonal lattice in which one atom
forms each vertex, which were implanted in his chest
and hands, allowing him to deploy an unlimited shield
of the rock, the strongest material on the planet (200
times stronger than steel) which protects his vital
organs from any type of attack, returning to normal at
Among the outstanding properties of said implanted
component, the ability of transparency, self-cooling,
high thermal and electrical conductivity, the chemical
reaction with other substances to produce compounds
of different properties, giving it great development
potential serving at the same time as a support stand
out ionizing radiation, the ability to generate electricity
when it is reached by light, the capacity of selfhealing; when a sheet of graphene suffers some
damage or his structure breaks, and finally, the ability
to absorb radioactive waste in its oxidised form.