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Restoration - Environmental - Construction (RENO-ENVI-CONS)
18 - 30
17/07/16 - 16/08/16
Plazas Totales: 2
NB : chantier ouvert a partir de 17 ans pour les participants francais The village of Fernoel is hosting
for the first time a workcamp during this 2016 summer. The project is part of a dynamic for
attractiveness and opening toward the world by the municipality and intermunicipality community.
Also this structure called Hautes Combrailles is partner of this workcamp. Therefore it s a project of
valorisation of water-related heritage. The work site has a special interest: he tells some of the
history of Fernoel and the old way of life of its inhabitants. Also a regional hiking trail goes through
this site. The work done during this workcamp will be useful to the local population. You are going to
participate in the restoration of a stone wash house (cleaning, storage stones, masonry) and you will
restore a dry stone wall nearby using traditional dry stone techniques. The stone used is a typical
local volcanic stone (Auvergne volcano region).You will participate to the work with other
international volunteers and a technical supervisor will teach you specific techniques concerning this
restoration. The work takes place the morning for 5 hours maximum. Afternoon and weekends are
dedicated to activities. You will be accommodated in the municipal camping in the center of the
village. Mattress and tents provided, bring your sleeping bag. You will go by walk to work: you have
only 50 meters to walk Fernoel is at 800 meters of altitude, bring warm clothes for the night. You will
cook all together in the equipped camping kitchen. A punctual transportation will be set up for
shopping (Giat shops located 3km).Jeunesse et Reconstruction will not be responsible for you if you
arrive before the beginning of the project. Possible lodging in municipal camping of Fernoel, at your
expenses. The village offers visitors a unique view of the Monts Dore, those of Limousin and Le
Plomb du Cantal . The city of Giat which is 3 km away offers numerous activities and festivals are
organized during summer. 1/ No special knowledge or competence is required for this camp, except
being motivated and loving work in group You will share friendly moments with local people : be
open-minded and curious. 2/ Bring: sleeping bag, warm clothes and rain-coat, bathing suit (for male:
short pants prohibited in the public swimming pools, please bring a bathing suit). 3/Bring for work:
worn out clothes, safety shoes/boots compulsory. 4/ Bring some material from your culture
(documents, pictures, postcards, little gift, musical instruments, games,...) to share with other
volunteers and local population and make exchanges easier. 5/ Foreigners belonging to the
European Union must bring with them a personal EHIC (European Health Insurance Card), and
everybody must, in any case, BRING THEIR INSURANCE CERTIFICATE. If health issues on the camp,
the volunteers will have to pay for it, and then get reimbursed once back in the home country. 6/
Transportation back to the train station at the end of the workcamp will be organized during your
stay with the campleader. 7/ More info about trains : / 8/ If you
have a driving license, please bring it along in case of necessity
110 EUROS, Incluye alojamiento y manutención. El transporte será por cuenta del participante.
El ingreso para este campo de trabajo se efectuará en:
Entidad Bancaria: ING DIRECT
Nº cuenta de ingreso: ES72 1465 0100 93 1900365697.
Entidad titular de la cuenta: ASOCIACIÓN JUVENIL ANÍMATE.
Ordenante: Aparecerá el NOMBRE y APELLIDOS del Participante (NO quien realice la
transferencia bancaria: padres, amigos…)
Concepto: se consignará el CÓDIGO de la Actividad a realizar (comprobar que coincida
con la actividad adjudicada) y el NOMBRE DEL CAMPO DE TRABAJO.