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Written Assignment
Language B: English HL
Suárez Garza, David Humberto1
Candidate Number:2106-0087
Examination Session: May 2017
Speak (1999) is a novel written by Laurie Halse Anderson that talks about the story
of Melinda Sordino; a freshman girl who suffered a traumatic event in a summer party.
Melinda, as a consequence of being raped by Andy Evans, accidently ended a summer
party by calling the police without giving any explanation. Due to her action she lost most
of her friends.
This written assignment consists of an apology letter from Andy Evans to Melinda.
Its purpose is to recreate an apology letter full of hate, irony, obsession and affection.
Idealized threats close to what the perspective of a psychopath would be, are included to
emphasize the psychotic mood. Although Andy Evans is not exactly a psychopath, he
was sent to jail after being exposed by Melinda. For that reason, I supposed he would
store hate to Melinda.
I decided the language of the letter to be informal as the characters involved are
teenagers and had close contact throughout the book. In addition, I think this language
supports the mood and contributes to give realism to Andy Evan´s desires and sick
minded thoughts.
The public aimed are teenagers, especially if they desire to read an intense follow
up fragment of the book “Speak” by Laurie Halse Anderson. In fact, this letter may
contribute to develop interest and drag public into posterior books of Melinda´s life if used
Rationale word count: 229
I hereby confirm that this present paper/thesis is solely my own work and that if any text passages or diagrams
from books, papers, the web or other sources have been copied or in any other way used, all references- including
those found in electronic media- have been acknowledged and fully cited.
Dear Melinda
I’ve been wanting to apologize much earlier, but what I did to you can’t be fixed by
something as vain as that. Melinda, I know I treated you as only a psychopath could. I
don’t mean to make excuses, but everything happened so fast, so natural, so perfect. I
swear my intentions at the beginning where as distant from hurting you as a hiker
perceives the peak of mountain Everest after a week of intense climbing. Anyway, I was
selfish enough to hurt you. It was easy. Triggered by desire, I didn’t have the chance to
think it twice. I got cold hearted enough to rip your innocent body without compassion
leaving you grieving in a way I would not even want an enemy to be hurt.
It’s just that… After the dance, when our bodies got closer, I began to desire you
as a starving dog craves a piece of flesh. I was the dog, you were the flesh, a gorgeous
and weak flesh. That night you became the perfect prey for my savage instincts. That
night your life might have got ruined, but darling, that night mine started.
I do think of that night, about our possible future together dear, about us. Who
knows? Maybe we could have done more. Melinda, can you imagine, us, together?
Somehow, I don’t feel guilty. You made my emotions rush in an endless way.
Despite hurting you, I enjoyed raping you so much that every second of my life spent at
jail would be worth it. It was priceless, you made me feel so strong as having complete
control over you, not minding how hard you tried to get loose of me, felt as nothing. You
left me with such a good feeling about you Melinda. That moment, when I had possession
of your body, when love became tears for you. That moment was the second-best
memory of my life.
You might ask which one was the first one. The first, the best moment, was fooling
you; taking advantage of your innocence and all of your weak body, but don’t get me
wrong darling, I do care about you. I care so much that most time I spent at jail I was
planning our perfect meeting dear.
You are important for me Melinda, believe me when I tell you:
I was not intended to leave you devastated or practically messing up your life, but
I couldn’t control myself. I won´t. Not after what I felt that night, that… satisfaction. I don’t
hate you Melinda, but ever since that day you became my addiction. I am afraid you can´t
do anything to stop me, I’ll be craving for more of you soon. I’ll be waiting for the chance
of continuing what I started that night. It’ll be our secret, our secret love story Melinda. No
matter what you do or where you go. I’ll still pursue my need of you. Wait for me darling,
I’ll see you soon. Lots of love.
-Andy Evans
Task word count: 502