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By José Ángel Trancón Rodríguez
What is
The global positioning system (GPS) is a system
that allows the determination of the position of
an object with an accuracy of up to centimeters
throughout the Earth, although the usual thing is
a few meters of precision.
UTM (East, north, altitude, spindle, hemisphere)
675687.407m, 4301432.127m, 229.943m, 29, North
The system was developed, installed
and employed by the United States
Department of Defense. To determine
the positions on the globe, the GPS
system uses 24 satellites and uses
How does it work?
When it is desired to determine the position, the
receiver locates a minimum of three satellites in the
network, and calculates the time it takes to get the
signals to the equipment, thereby calculating the
distance of each satellite to the measurement point.
Known distances, determine
the position with respect to
Knowing the coordinates of
each of them by the signal
they emit, the actual coordinates of the measurement
point are obtained.
Another systems
• The Soviet Union constructed
a similar system called GLONASS,
now managed by the Russian
• The European Union is
currently developing its own
satellite positioning system,
called Galileo.
• In turn, the People's Republic
of China is implementing its own
navigation system, the so-called
Example of use of GPS in
everyday life
• To drive us in a vehicle.
• To locate people of places through
applications in the cell.
• For civil engineering works.