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Jirón Mariano Angulo 2688 – Cercado de Lima • (51) 946576137 • [email protected]
Personal Information:
Bachelor in Telecommunications Engineering with more than 7 years of experience in Telecomunication
Networks and TI: Mobile Networks, Datacom, Transport Networks, Project management in the Telecom
Industry, among others. I like the teamwork and I also have skills such as communication at all levels,
ability of to solve problems and make decisions understanding the orientation towards the best results.
Work Experience:
Venue Technology Manager – Pan American and Parapan American games - Lima 2019
(July 2019 – September 2019)
Integration and cordination with all functional areas (FA's) that have operations at athlete’s
Village, about technology services such as Networking and CATV.
Management of service providers for implementation of techonology infraestructure and solution
of incidents at the athlete’s village.
Constant monitoring of services bringded.
Management and scalation of tickets generated from functional areas and delegations of the
countries in competition.
Management of service providers for disassembly of technology infraestructure after games has
RF/SQM Engineer – Huawei Technologies
(March 2018 – Jun 2019)
Testing of quality/coverage/throughput of LTE Massive MIMO and 8x8 MIMO using QXDM
(Qualcomm tool).
Implementation, support and maintenance of RAN Discovery and PS Discovery platforms
(solutions based on big data for America Movil - Claro). Integration of new servers, storages and
switches to expand capacity of platforms.
Revision of quality and mobile user experience (KQI) through SmartCare Platform and data
Monitoring and troubleshooting at RAN level for LTE/UMTS/GSM technologies, using RAN
Discovery Platform.
Monitoring of KPI at Core level for LTE/UMTS/GSM technologies, using PS Discovery Platform.
RF Optimization Analyst - América Móvil Perú
(March 2015 – December 2017)
Measurements of DT, use of Tems Investigation 16 and later versions (basic configurations of
terminals, gereration of scripts, L3 analysis etc.)
Measurements of Walk test, using Tems Pocket.
Monitoring and analysis of statistical KPIs in OSS Huawei (Accessibility, Retenability, RTWP, User
States, CS Fallback etc.)
Post processing, analysis of DT KPIs and events in Windcatcher (Accessibility, Retenability, RxLev,
RxQual, C/I, FER, RSCP, EcNo, RSRP, SINR, CS Fallback, Carrier Agregation, Rank Indicator, etc.)
Optimization through logical parameters at Node, BSC and RNC level (OSS Huawei), power
control, adjacency creation, load balancing, IRAT, etc.
Coordinator of Initial Tuning GUL and Cluster Optimization projects for Lima.
Responsible for the development and evaluation of the providers over technical scope for
optimization projects: GUL Initial Tuning, GUL Optimization, LTE FDD / TDD 2.6 GHz Optimization,
Capacity analysis of the 2G Network for spectrum liberation and channel re-tuning (GSM
modernization process).
National Transportation Planning
América Móvil Perú
(September 2014 – March 2015)
Planning for new deployments of Lambdas with capacities greater than 1 Gbps 1 + 1.
Planning of migration of services on Huawei equipment (x800 series), MPRs (Alcatel), Siemens,
Planning of Regional Networks bidding for FITELreferred to the RDNFO, design and elaboration of
technical scope for the regions of Huancavelica, Ayacucho and Lambayeque.
Monitoring of Huawei M2000 Manager for planning on existing hardware and service review.
Coordination of maintenance windows for installation of new equipment of the Transport Network
(Coriant, Huawei, Ciena, etc.)
Network Operator -
(British Telecom)
(June 2013 – August 2014)
Management of resources of VPLS and MPLS networks for corporate clients in Europe
(interconnection between offices at L2 level), using different technologies, accesses Ethernet,
ATM, ADSL, 3G, Wimax, etc.
Management of Juniper ERX equipment, ASR 7500 Alcatel, also modems and other end user
equipment, etc.
Management of CMR Clarify.
Junior Engineer Pre Sales
(January 2013 – June 2013)
Design of projects in Switching & Routing LAN (Mikrotik, DLink, etc.), microwave links (Ubiquiti,
Aircom, etc.), citizen security (IP camera systems).
Validation of specifications of new equipment in the distribution line.
Presentations, trainings and support for project integrators.
Maintenance of laboratory equipment.
Telecommunication Engineering(August 2008– July 2013)
ICPNA Intermediate english competence.
Complementary studies of spoken english in progress.
QUALCOMM - LTE Release 8/9 Technical Overview (Training Certificate)
QUALCOMM - VOLTE Release Technical Overview (Training Certificate)
INICTEL UNI - 4G LTE (Certificate)
UBIQUITI - Basic Certification Ubiquiti (RF & Mw)
CCL - Diploma in Project Management
CTIC - Diploma in Big Data and Analytics
Udemy – Huawei HCNA R&S Labs entry level
Udemy – Training for AWS certification asociated level.
Ms Office (Word, PPT, Excel, Ms Project).
OSS Huawei, RAN access and Transport Network (intermediate level)
Linux (basic level).
Transact SQL (intermediate user level).
Cops 6.0, Arieso, MapInfo, Tems 16, Windcatcher (Software for RNO).
Huawei’s software: eNSP, RAN Discovery, PS Discovery and SEQ Analyst.
Python & Js (basic level)
Openstack (basic level)
I like to travel, play soccer, chess, learn about photography and new technologies such as cloud
computing, big data, 5G, among others technical topics, also learning about digital product
design with frameworks and methologies, lean startup, design thinking, scrum, etc.