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Paso 5 – Realizar un artículo con los resultados de la
Realización de auditorías e interventorías ambientales
municipality of Tauramena according to the audit plan, general
presentation of the audit team and audited. Subsequently, the tour of
the company is made, they explain each of their processes and we go
on to audit the cargo transport process that is the company's strong
It begins with the revision of the following numerals of the norm:
5.2: it is evidenced that the company has established the
environmental policy consistent with the reality of the organization
and its objectives, in addition it is kept with documented information,
it is published and available to interested parties, its socialization is
evidenced in the format F-019 on 08/27/2019, it
6.1.2: The HSEQ matrix of aspects identi cation and environmental
impact assessment for the different processes of the organization
was veri ed. The environmental aspects of the organization are
immersed in its EMS, the emergency plans and risk factors panorama
are evident.
6.1.3: Compliance with legal requirements and other requirements is
evidenced by verifying the HSEQ-003 format procedures and
updating legal requirements and other requirements
Servicusina S.A.S was born in 1994 in the municipality of Tauramena
in the department of Casanare, and three years later it was already in
the market as one of the best companies thanks to the quali cation
of its customers and to which it has a sustainable vision; Then came
the opportunities for the formation of consortiums with other large
multinational companies and this allowed him to acquire great
experience and recognition in the ef cient provision of the regional,
national and lifting cargo transportation service. In 2008 the
company acquired its certi cation in ISO 9001 with ICONTec and
nowadays they are already certi ed in ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001,
NORSOK S-006 and by the Colombian Evaluation Security Council
(RUC), which also the reasons for expanding its scope by introducing
civil works construction services and the supply of stone materials.
The organization has a contingency plan based on 04/07/2019 in
CORPORINOQUIA under the 2019-08030 ling
6.2, 6.2.1: The organization has coherent, measurable, updated and
communicated environmental objectives to the members of the
organization. Matrix HSEQ-068 is updated. The annual review by
senior management of the objectives of the environmental
management system is evident.
8: Operational reporting protocol is evidenced, annual drills are
carried out to control and maintain the processes, the use of GPS in
vehicles is established as compliance with the operational
requirements for the processes. HSEQ-030 format evidences the
training and monitoring program. Format HSEQ-067 procedure of
transit and loading of crude oil. Format HSEQ-037 monitoring for the
provision of the service.
At 80:30 on November 18, 2019, an opening meeting is held at the
facilities of the company Servicusiana S.A.S located in the
The audit process was carried out by selective sampling of evidence
of the organization's activities and no nonconformities were
The documentation of the SGA in magnetic media is an aspect that
supports the conformity and ef ciency of the system because it
contributes to the optimization of le spaces, reduction of stationery
costs and the conservation of the environment.
The commercialization of the waste generated during its operations
would bring a greater bene t to the organization.
Failure to assign a professional in the environmental area to support
the process since, despite the fact that they have trained personnel,
the workload to meet the established goals is evident.