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Comfenalco institute

Comfenalco institute
English I
Name: __________________________________________________________
1 Correct the mistakes:
2 Complete
A. Liz are ill.
B. Ben am my best friend.
C. Liz and Kate is sisters.
D. Tim and Bob is at home.
E. Dogs is animals.
F. Nick are from London.
G. Bill am eleven now.
H. They is very lazy.
I. We am in the hall.
3.Write using the prepositions of place
1) There are three books _____ the bed.
2) There is a nice teddy bear _________the
3) There is a big kite ___________
a toy car and a book.
4) There is a lamp _________ light table.
5) _________ to the lamp, there is a clock.
6) There are some pens ________ the
7) I can see a boat picture ________ the
8) There is a big pillow _______ a ball.
9) The clown is _______ the floor.
10) The small ball is ________ the boy.
11) The car is _________ the small
ball and the kite.
12) The lamp is __________ the picture
And _________ the clock.
13) The pillow is ____________ the book.
14) The teddy bear is _________the bed.
5. Write