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Control del funcionamiento parte A examen 1era Oportunidad PAEZ-CONTESTADO (1)

1. A wood splinter in their eye. How long do you take to wash it out
>> 10min
2. Cardio vascular system consist of
>> The heart and blood vessels
The stomach
The kidneys
All of them
3. In the event of nosebleed the casualty should be treated as follows
Tilt the head backwards
>> Application of an ice pack to the forhead (informacion de google)
Apply preassure to littles area
All of them
4. In case of hypothermia if the body temperature continues to fall the next stage is
A stage of torpor
>> Death
All of them
5. A common bacteria in cases of food poisoning is
Either of the two
None of them
6. When is the declaration of security signed
When both the port and ship are at the same safety level
When the ship and port are at different security level
When chip and port are at different safety levels
None of them
7. The process of hypothermia is hastened by
An endocrine disorder
A paralysis stroke
All of them
8. If the casualty is bleeding from the mouth they are advised to
Avoid cold drinks for 12 hours
Avoid hot drinks for 12 hours(INFORMACION DE GOOGLE)
Avoy any kind of liquids for 12 hours
All of them
9. The four hand seat carry is a good method for transporting a casualty who is
Partially conscious
Not willing to move
None of them
10. The disadvantage of the cradle method is that there is
Difficulty in talking
Difficulty if the casualty weights more than you weight
Difficulty in carrying the casualty for long distance
All of them
11. When consifdering burns, what percentage of the bodys surface area is comprised by
one entire leg
None of them
12. Illustrations and instructions in appropriate languages should be posted in passenger
cabins and conspicuously
displayed at muster stations and other passenger spaces to inform passengers of…..Their muster
13. what is SSAS
ship security alert system
14. what is the period of validity of the vessel international ship security certificate
5 years
15. Port state control prima facie looks for
A vessel documents including certificates
The emergency fire pump
The bilge oil separator
The incinerator
16. In time of crisis ships staff is looking for a leader
Not always true
It depends on the crisis
17. What of the following conditions would indicate the casualty was dead
B) Eyes are glazed and sunken.
18. . A heavy fall or a severe blow to the upper part of the abdomen can upset
the regularity of
breathing. What are the symptoms?
(A) The casualty is speaking in a loud manner.
> (B) The casually has difficulty in breathing and may be unable to speak.
(C) The casualty starts sweating profusely and develops fever.
(D) The casualty feels very hungry.
19. After checking for open airway, giving the first 2 inflations and checking
the pulse to make
sure that the heart is beating, what rate of inflations should be given until natural
is restored?
(A) 25-27 times per minute.
(B) 10-12 times per minute.
(C) Doesn't matter how many times.
> (D) 12-16 times per minute.
20. . An unconscious seaman is lying on his back and is not breathing. What's
the first thing you
should do?
(A) Throw cold water on his face.
(B) Waft smelling salts under his nose.
> (C) Tilt his head back as far as it will go.
(D) Slap his face gently with the palm of your hand.
21. If, following an accident, you need to request medical help, who, apart
from your head office,
needs to be notified?
(A) The Flag State
(B) The ILO
> (C) The P & I Club
(D) The IMO
22. . The treatment for muscle strain may be remembered as RICE. What is
(A) Reflate - Ice - Compression - Estimation.
> (B) Rest - Ice - Compression - Elevation.
(C) Reflate - Inject - Cooperation - Elevation.
(D) Rest - Inject - Care - Evaluation.
23. . In the absence of a Doctor, how long should artificial respiration and heart
compression be
(A) When the casualty has had fixed and dilated pupils for 15 minutes you should stop
(B) When the casualty shows no response to the CPR after 20 minutes, it is useless to
> (C) Until the heart starts beating or the rescuer is unable to continue because of
(D) When the casualty turns pale and starts to go cold CPR can be stopped
24. . Where will you find information on sources of radio medical aid.
(A) In the International code of signals
(B) In the SOLAS manual
> (C) ALRS vol 1
(D) On the internet
25. . If an injured person's pulse cannot be felt at the wrist, where on the
body should the pulse be taken?
> (C) The side of the neck.
26. While working on a very hot day, you begin to feel bad and stop
sweating. What should you do?
> (C) Stop working, inform your supervisor or an officer, and report to the ship's hospital
27. Identify the International Maritime Organization (IMO) symbol…..B class hinged fire
door water tight
28. Which of the following is not a fire hose coupling
Storz coupling
Nor coupling
Instant coupling
29. In machinery spaces containing internal combustion machinery there shall be approved
foam type fire
extinguishers each at least_____
one monitor unit 20 liters foam
two monitor unit 20 liters foam in each
30. the part labelled as B shown in the illustration is
a NA2CO3
an acid solution
none of them
31. the four phases of fire development are ignition, developing ,absolute fire, burning out
32. fitting a fixed extinguishing system is not required if the cargo spaces of any cargo ship
are solely for oal coal, grain, unseasoned timber , non combustible cargoes with a low
fire risks, provided
such cargo spaces are fitted with steel hatch covers, effective means of closing all ventilations and
openings leading to the cargo spaces
such cargo spaces are fitted with steel hatch covers only
effective means of closing all ventilations in such cargo spaces are acailable
effective means of closing all opening to the cargo spares are available
33. Each foam portable fire extinguisher shall have a capacity of at least
9 litres
34. Space or group of smoke detectors
35. Under the SOLAS regulations, how often must each life-saving appliance be inspected
ensure that they are complete and in good order?
36. For every davit launched liferaft on a cargo ship, from the time the order to board is
given it
must be possible to board the full complement of persons in not more than....
(A) 2 minutes
> (B) 3 minutes
(C) 5 minutes
(D) 6 minutes
37. For fast rescue boat (FRBs) as defined by SOLAS, which of the fallowing is a mandatory
1) A Certificate of Proficiency for the coxswain
2) Navigation and radio aids including an EPIRB
3) A first aid outfit
5) Immersion suits to be worn by all crew members
6) All of the above
38. Which one of the following statements regarding life-buoys does not correspond to
SOLAS regulations?
(A)All lifebuoys shall be placed in a holder with a quick release arrangement.
39. What does this sign mean
40. Which legislation specifies all of the characteristics and competencies require by
members of rescue craft crews?
41. whats the normal methodd of winching a single uninjured person into a helicopter from
a ship?
1.-a highline….n
2.-a lifting stretcher….n
3.-a basket….n
4.-a rescue hook or strop….y
42. Which of the pieces of equipment listed Will you NOT need to take with you when you
board the life boat?
Food and wáter
Waterproof radio
43. Which of the instructions about putting your immersion suit back in its bag is not
Make sure the floor is clean, brushing it if necessary.
Lay it flat on the floor
Do the zip right up
Fold the arms on to the chest
Put it into its bag
44. SOLAS specifies that it must be posible to evacuate a ship winthin:
o 15 minutes.
o 30 minutes.
o 45 minutes.
o One hour.
45. Water conducts heat away from the body:
At more than 20 times the rate of air
46. When would you fire the pyrotechnics after launching the boats and rafts?
(C) When you have sighted the rescue services or other ships/aircraft.
47. In addition to a fire suit, a fireman's outfit also comprises breathing apparatus and a
fireproof lifeline. According to SOLAS- how many such sets of fireman's outfit are
required to be carried by all ships?
(C) At least two.
48. When floating in calm water the self-activating smoke signal on a lifebuoy must emit
highly visible smoke at a uniform rate for at least....
> (D) 15 minutes
49. Who controls the actions of passengers in a ship emergency?
(A) The Chief Steward (or Purser) is always responsible for all passengers.
(B) The cabin steward responsible for the particular passenger looks after that person.
> (C) Specific crew members will have been asigned duties for the mustering and control of
(D) It is one of the specific duties of the officer on watch.
50. The fist symptom of asphyxia is
All of them
51. Asphyxia occurs when there is….
Pressure on the lungs
Pressure on the stomach
Pressure on the skull
None of them
52. Heat stroke occurs when the body
Cannot warm itself
Cannot control its temperature by sweating
Both A B
None of them
53. The damage control plan deals with damage due to
Terrorist activity
All of them
54. A shocked casualty who is thirsty may be given a drink of water.
Correct answer
: False
55. For fire to occur, the three elements found in the "Fire Triangle" must be present. These
are heat, air and....
56. What action should be taken first when discovering a fire on board?
(A) Activate a fire alarm.
57. A damage control Plan is required for which type of ship?
Container ship
Passenger ship
Oil tanker ship
58. A casualty has shallowed cleaning fluid. You should:
1. Give them lots of water to drink
2. Not let them drink anything at all
3. Give them salty water to drink
4. Give them sips of water to drink <<<<
59. When checking a casualty‟s ABC how long do you allow in order to check their
60. A casualty in shock has:
Correct answer: pale dry skin and Slow pulse.
61. It is OK to just do chest compressions during resuscitation rather than compressions
and ventilations
62. Excessive sweating can lead to
Primary shock
Secondary shock
Temporary shock
All of them
63. Testosterone are
>>Male hormones
Female hormones
Hermaprofyte hormones
All of them
64. When would you fire the pyrotechnics after launching the lifeboats and liferafts?
1.-once every hour immediately after launching….n
2.-when you have sighted the rescue services or other ships/ aricraft….y
3.-once every hour during the hours of darkness….n
4.-on request from the rescue services….n
65. What is "flashpoint"?
(B) The lowest temperature required to form a flammable mixture.
66. Primary hypothermia is precipitated by….
Alcohol consumption